The Sycamore Psychopomp – Part 3

  Aaryn sat straight up in bed, suddenly wide awake and listening intently to the silence. Something had woken him but he had no idea what. Then, he heard the three knocks on the end of the house. Ever since he was a kid, he had known what that sound meant. Someone close to the […]

The Minnesota Murders series

The series will still be getting worked on but due to the space constraints of the flash fiction group I’m a part of, it’s very difficult to get a murder’s details, a glimpse into the mind of the murderer, and weave in some plot into c. 1000 words every week. I’m going to turn it […]

Back in the comfy chair!

Sorry about the unexplained gaps in posting new content. I’m an author but first and foremost, I am human and have a chronic debilitating disease that is often invisible.  I have secondary progressive multiple sclerosis. The last couple of years have been really difficult for me and with a having had a high stress job. […]

The Minnesota Murders – Part 1

  [Author note: Sorry for the 1/2 post this week.  My computer crashed and with this being the first entry in the series, it wasn’t backed up yet. –JRL] Every news station in the Twin Cities was leading with the story the horrific discovery of a burning body in Black Dog park in Burnsville. The […]

AAAAARGH!!! – Status of The Minnesota Murders – Part 1

Okay, so if you seeing this,  you have likely followed the Wednesday Briefs link for the first installment of “The Minnesota Murders”. Thank you for your interest.  However, it appears that my iMac did NOT want you to read it…or it was motivated by what I had written and murdered the document itself. More accurately, […]