WTF Dreamtime…(NSFW!)

I was talking down a dark dirty city street.  As I was walking, I got jumped, kidnapped, robbed and raped.  The group of people who got me did it all so fast that I didn’t have a chance to react much less try to fight them off.

Next thing I knew, I was in a dark dingy “bedroom” of sorts.  It smelled awful, like the entire group was living in that one room.  They smelled awful too.  It was like a frat house mixed with teenage boy shoes and a goat pen.

The guy who raped me barebacked me…He just rammed it in and shot immediately.  I knew it was not something I wanted but I realized that it gave me the ability to sense evil and to know when I was in danger from it.

For reasons unknown, I wound up living in a boarding house and someone else had already cased the place and had a copy of the keys to my room. Someone came in and I shot the then.

He exploded into what looked like lava…but as the remnants of his body hit the ground, they went *poof* in a little cloud of smoke and disappeared.

He was a minion of a greater evil…they were out to get me. I was too powerful and was a threat to their evil deeds.

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