The Camping Trip

“Finally!” I said as I packed the last of the camping gear in my truck.

A few minutes later, I was powering onto the highway headed north.  I was off to meet up with a couple of friends for a weekend trip into the fabled North Woods.  Blasting the latest release by SmashGrab, I was well over the speed limit and I didn’t care.  I just wanted to get away from work, traffic, and all of the rat race.

We were meeting up at Three Bays on the shores of Lake Tiljara.  Rob, Kevin, and I had been friends for most of our adult lives.  We met in college as gaming buddies and although we had grown out of gaming, the friendship only grew stronger.

Kevin was tall and slender, long flowing black hair belying his First Nations ancestry.  He was at home in the woods as he was in town.  A reputation for being a ‘wild child’ was somewhat deserved.  His torso was a tattooed tapestry of his First Nations ancestry; animal guides, ancestors and scenes from the reserve formed a back piece.  The front was various mystic symbols.  His left arm was a full sleeve depicting the beginning of life starting at his hand and going up to his shoulder.  The right arm, from the shoulder to the hand, was the progression of death and destruction.  It was obvious that Kevin considered his body to be a canvas to express his life and spirituality.   Living in a hand-built cabin in the woods kept most people from dropping in and helped to reinforce his reputation.   He spent most of his time in town at his tattoo and piercing shop, fighting to keep it going but being at the shop 80+ hours a week was grinding him down.  He had a shift manager and a couple of employees that worked for him, but it took Rob and I weeks to convince him to take a vacation.

Rob, on the other hand, had an average build.  We teased him about how he had filled out since he had gotten married and had two kids. Thick brown hair that turned red in the sun and cloudy blue eyes and a slight hint of a brogue were the dead giveaways as to just how Irish Rob was.  Unlike Kevin, Rob had just one tattoo, a large Celtic knot and rope work circle on his left shoulder.  Kevin had done the ink and it looked like Rob had been born with it.  He was eager to camping with us as his wife, Katy, was a Grade “A” bitch.  In the five years they had been married, Rob had changed from a loud outgoing guy to a quiet submissive man tied to his cell phone to find out what Katy wanted him to do next.

Me?  I’m somewhere between Kevin and Rob, tall with an athletic build. Out of control blond hair, green eyes, and Nordic features keep people guessing that I’m ten years younger than I really am.  I work out everyday but it’s not a muscle building routine, just enough to keep trim and still look good as I approach middle age.  I didn’t have any piercings or tattoos but at 6’4” and 250lbs I was still able to command attention. Single and loving it, I was a founding partner in a large consulting company in the city.  The best part, aside from the steady income was that as a founder, I could take vacations with little notice.

Three hours later, I was pulling into the parking lot of Dobie’s Dew Drop Inn in Three Bays.  I looked at my watch.  I was 20 minutes early from the arranged meeting time, but when I walked in, I found Kevin and Rob waiting for me.  Soon, we were filling up on a good homestyle meal then another two and a half hours of driving to where we started our hike into the woods.

As we parked the trucks and posted our backcountry permits on the windshields, we made three piles of gear from the trucks.  After a half hour, we were loaded up like pack mules and hiking down the trail.  Three miles or so down the trail, we decided to head off trail and towards the river that flowed to the east of the trail.  We waded across a small ankle deep stream that fed into the river and decided that we would set up camp near it to allow access to water but kept us off the main river and away from kayakers and canoeists that might come down the river.

Tents were up in no time, Rob had the fire ring built and had a small fire going by mid-afternoon.  Kevin and I had a brief but heated argument on where to dig the latrine pit.   Finally, it was decided that there wouldn’t be one, we would just squat and go like the animals do.

Night falls early and fast in the forest.  Sunset was listed as just before 9pm but it was quite dark by 7 in the forest.

As night settled in, Rob went into his tent and brought out a bottle of whiskey.  As he sat it down, he got a mischievous smile on his face.

“Glenfiddich single malt…we’re going down with a fire in our heads tonight boys!”  Rob said with a roaring laugh.  He opened the bottle and the first pour went into the fire which flared up in response.

As we passed the bottle around, we complained about our lot in life and how we all wished we’d done more of the things we had wanted and more of the crazy things that we had talked about doing while we were in college.  About halfway through the bottle, all three of us were feeling the fire in our heads and in our bellies from the whiskey.   I don’t remember anything after that.

The next morning, Kevin was up with the sun and ready to take on the world.  How he didn’t have a hangover, I don’t know.  I was feeling like I’d been hit by a small car and Rob wasn’t much better off.

Once we were all up and moving around, Kevin started making an announcement.

“We were bitching last night about how we never did anything crazy. Now, we do.  We own these woods for a week.  The animals and fish will surrender to us, the plants will give us shelter, and we will surrender to none of it.  We are men.  We control what is around us now.” and with that he took off all his clothes and stood there in all his glory.  The morning sun glinting off the piercings and giving a burning orange hue to his tattoos.

I paused for a moment, then stripped down to my boots and socks as well.  Kevin looked at me and looked down at my feet, causing me to bend over and take off my socks and shoes.

Rob stood frozen as if we’d suddenly lost our minds.  After a moment, he turned, grabbed his fishing gear and took off for the river.  Kevin and I fell over laughing.  We did some work on the campsite and scavenged up enough dry wood to keep the fire burning steadily for at least a couple of days.  After a few hours, Kevin and I ready for some relaxation, so we strung up our hammocks and were shooting the shit back and forth.  The most excitement we had was laying on our stomachs, getting a steady swinging motion then letting our piss go in a rhythmic spray.

Rob came back around noon and found us both napping in our hammocks.  He made enough noise to wake us up.  We both rolled out of our hammocks and both of us were pointing our bones at him.  He just laughed as he said “Okay okay, I give in.” and started taking off his clothes.

As Rob threw his clothes in his tent, Kevin and I raided his fishing basket and made short work of cleaning and filleting the lake trout that Rob had caught.  After lunch, Rob said he was gonna go back to fishing.  Kevin shot me a look out of the corner of his eye that let me know he was up to something.

Rob headed back down to the river and about a half hour later, Kevin came walking up to me.

“Let’s hunt him down.  We’re gonna get all camouflaged and we’re gonna track him, sneak up on him, poke a stick in his side and tell him he’s ‘dead’ then have ourselves a good laugh about it.”

“If he doesn’t beat the shit out of us first.”

“Nah, he’ll laugh it off.”  he said and I saw Kevin was serious about this. I thought it’d be fun, so I said “Let’s do it!”.

We went over to the small stream on the edge of camp and he covered me in mud…kept layering on more and more mud since I was so pale-skinned.  No part of me was left uncovered to the point he had mud inside my foreskin and all over my cock.  I got a look at my reflection in the water and saw I was completely covered in mud, the only white was my smile and my eyes.

As I was mudding him up, he was semi-boned from mudding me up and was at full erection when I was done mudding him up.  We had to settle for the tip of his head being uncovered due to the amount of precum leaking from him.

We set out in the direction that Rob had taken looking for the signs of where he had walked and found that his trail wasn’t as easy as we thought it would be.  He had wandered around checking out various trees and clearings, making it a scenic trip to the river.

The one remarkable thing was that every time we stopped to investigate signs, we’d squat down and Kevin would drip a couple of large globs of precum.  Seeing him like that had me worked up but I didn’t know why. I found myself leaking occasionally as well, but nothing like Kevin.

We came into a clearing and found a large area of tramped down grass. We realized that Rob or someone else had been there quite recently and took a huge shit.  We headed out of the clearing when Kevin stopped suddenly and squatted down.

“Dude, over here.” he said excitedly.

As I made my way back to where he was, I saw strings of shiny liquid on the ground and under Kevin’s foot where he was squatted.  Kevin put his finger into it and brought it up to his nose.

“It’s cum!” he exclaimed and his drip turned into a slow steady flow of precum.  He quickly stood up and flung a huge glob of precum all over my leg.

“Dude!  Let’s go get him!” I said as we headed off following the streaks of cum on the undergrowth.

I suddenly stopped at the edge of the clearing along the river.  Sitting on the edge of the river, fishing pole in the water was Rob.

Kevin and I looked at each other and nodded, slowly starting to sneak up on Rob.  Kevin got right up behind him and dropped a massive glob of precum on Rob’s shoulder, “Yer dead mother fucker!”.

Rob jumped up, wiping the precum off his shoulder, “You motherfuckers!” he yelled while trying not to laugh.

“We got ya!” I said laughing.  We sat down and shot the shit with Rob for a while.  Rob was gonna stay out fishing so Kevin and I headed back to camp.  On the way back, we didn’t say much.  Now, that I think about it, we didn’t say anything at all.  It was a strangely silent trip.

We got back to camp and went off to a smaller stream to clean up all the mud.  Kevin motioned for me to lay down in the stream with my head upstream and he’d get me clean.  He got some sand from farther up the streambank and used it to gently scrub the mud from my body.  It was odd because he didn’t seem to care that we were naked and semi-boned.  He made methodical work of getting me clean on the front side.  He tried getting my hair cleaned from above but couldn’t do it, so he ended up sitting on my chest, his muddy semi-hard cock oozing precum on my face.  I don’t know why, but it didn’t bother me.  I actually found it strangely arousing.  I assumed it was the adrenaline and testosterone of us hunting down Rob.  A quick hand motion told me to roll over and Kevin made quick work of my backside.  He firmly but gently got me cleaner than I had ever been before with the sand and the cold clear water.  He seemed to take extra time making sure that my ass crack was clean.  Much to my surprise, he slowly slipped a finger in my hole making sure I was clean everywhere.  I involuntarily pushed up towards his finger but didn’t know why.  It just felt so good.

He motioned me to roll over one more time and he starts pulling and stretching my scrotum while rubbing it to make sure there’s no mud trapped in the folds.  He slowly put his hand around my hard cock and started splashing water over it and making sure it was clean, then would retract my foreskin, rinse with, give it a gentle rub with his hand…and repeated this a few times.

I knew if he didn’t stop, I was going to cum but I also didn’t want him to stop.

As I was thinking this, he stopped and motioned me to stand up.  I stood up and as I turned to face him, he started sucking my cock.  Slowly retracting the foreskin, he ran his tongue around my head and under the edge of the corona.  After doing this for a couple of minutes that felt more like hours, he released my foreskin and started slowly sucking my entire cock.  I felt my balls pulling tight and tried to back away, but Kevin reached up and pulled me back towards him.

As his large rough hands grabbed my ass and pulled me close, I couldn’t hold back and with a sudden thrust forward, I started fucking Kevin’s face as I unleashed shot after shot of cum in his mouth.  I couldn’t stop myself, it was so good.  So much better than any of the women I dated, it was so right.  As I finished unloading in Kevin’s mouth, I looked down and saw him smiling from ear to ear.  There were the last few shots of cum all over his face and he made no attempt to clean himself.

I quickly pulled my thoughts back together and realized that he was still mostly mud-covered and I owed him a clean up.

I motioned him to lay down as I had done and returned the favor scrubbing his entire body with the soft sand.  As the sun glistened across the water and on his skin, I realized that I’d never gone soft.  Kevin’s long thick hair was going to take me a long time to get clean or so I thought, but the constant flow of water in the stream was making short work of getting his hair clean.

As I washed him up, I couldn’t take my eyes off of his now fully hard cock.  I hadn’t really noticed  just how big it was.  It was at least ten inches long and looked as thick as my wrist.  It flexed slightly with each heartbeat telling me just how much blood was in his cock.

I had him roll over and his lean muscular back with his firm round ass bobbing in the water was mesmerizing.  I was really getting lost in my own thoughts.  I found myself getting turned on by washing him, sharing a moment of intimacy.

I purposefully avoided his ass and got his legs clean.  As I came back up to his ass, I was surprised at the amount of mud that he’d slathered into his ass crack.  I slowly worked it all out and noticed that everytime I passed a finger over his hole, it didn’t clench.  It opened up.  I slipped my index finger in and heard a slight gasp from Kevin as his hips bucked up and pushed my entire finger into his hole.  I realized I could feel his prostate with my finger being right up against it.  I tickled it like I would a baby and an animal growl escaped from Kevin, breaking the silence.

I pulled my finger out, clean as it had been when it went in.  I motioned Kevin to stand up and his lean body seemed to hold on to the water which cascaded over him and ran off his cock like a faucet.

As I stood there, Kevin turned to face me and held out a hand to help me up.  As he pulled me up, he overestimated the strength he’d need and we tumbled backward into the creek.  I landed on top of Kevin and he immediately flipped us over and pinned me against the rocky stream bottom.

I could hear his breathing in my right ear as he kept me pinned.  Since we had snuck up on Rob, we’d not spoken a word.  I sensed a moment of relaxation and used it throw him off of me.  The wrestling match was on and we were not going to end it quickly.  We wrestled our way out of the creek and back up onto land and after a good half-hour, we had worn each other out.

We just laid there in the afternoon and napped for a while.  I woke up with a start as someone was on top of me and had suddenly pulled my right arm behind my back and was pulling it hard.

I turned my head to look and Kevin was on top of me pinning me down.  As the last of the fog of sleep cleared my head, I realized that Kevin was still naked and his monstrous cock was resting my the crack of my ass.  I felt myself immediately stiffen.  I pushed up just a little against him, just enough to let him know that I knew his cock was there.

He quickly wrenched my arm back as far as he could without seriously injuring me.  I felt hot breath in my ear and Kevin shifted putting the head of his cock in my crack.  I pushed back.  I’d never done anything like this, but yet, my body knew what it wanted.  I froze for a moment. How was I gonna take something that big?  Wouldn’t it rip me open?

Kevin sensed my fear and released my arm but kept me pinned with his left arm holding my neck and head down against the dirt.  Suddenly, I felt his weight come off of me and a second later, it was replaced by his tongue running up and down the length of my furry ass crack while his hands were kneading my asscheeks.

I left out a moan as his tongue slipped into my hole.  His tongue darted in and out, pushing as deep as it could into my hole.  I found myself relaxing and my hole spreading wider for his tongue.  After a while of this, I could feel his spit starting to run down my crack and slowly flowing across my balls.

Kevin shifted again and I felt something larger than his finger or tongue against my hole.  It pushed in and I felt my hole try to open up and clench at the same time.  I barely had time to think “Relax” to myself before my body was hit with a white hot pain and I suddenly felt like I was being filled up.  With one slow steady push, Kevin had driven his fat 10” cock into me.  Kevin laid on top of me and as we lay there as one, I felt myself open up and relax.  Slowly, Kevin began to pump my ass, and as I relaxed more, he pounded hard and faster.  We switched positions a few times and settled for me on my back as my balls hung low and rubbed his shaft as he bred me.

I was on the verge of a massive orgasm and Kevin leaned down to stare into my eyes.  We locked eyes and I felt a sudden thrust and it was like a hand grenade went off in my ass which pushed me over the edge.  I started cumming and it felt like I wouldn’t stop.  Kevin unloaded a massive load into my tight ass.  Kevin stopped thrusting and I was covered in my own load.  Kevin had a huge smile and leaned down. There was a momentary paused and then he kissed me.  It wasn’t a rough ‘fuck’ kiss.  It was a soft, tender kiss.  I felt Kevin slowly slip out of me as we made out.  He reached down and slipped a finger into my gaping hole.  He brought up his hand and put a finger covered in his cum in my mouth.

He laid down on top of me and whispered, “I’ve always wanted you, but I didn’t think you were gay.”

He lifted his head enough to make eye contact.  I looked at him and saw a side of Kevin that I’d not seen before.  His face had softened and he genuinely looked scared.

It took me a while to find my voice but I managed to croak out, “I didn’t know until today.”

Kevin got his usual mischievous smile and fell back on top of me.  We rolled over onto our sides and went back to making out.  We were lost in our new found emotions and each other.

Darkness had come into the campsite and Rob returned from fishing with a basket full of trout and a couple of walleye.  He got close enough to camp to see us making out and pawing at each other.

A loud thump and a gasp announced Rob’s return to camp.

“What the…” Rob stammered as Kevin and I suddenly got to our feet.  Rob’s shock was short lived, “You guys…were…fucking around!” followed after a pause, “Without me!”  Rob’s rapidly growing erection told us he was actually a bit upset that we hadn’t included him.

We walked up to him and both of us kissed him, Kevin reaching down to stroke Rob’s bone and I fondled his balls…

It was the best week of camping I’ve ever had.   Rob left his wife shortly after that.  He said the week in the woods he spent with us showed him that he didn’t have to stay with Katy.  Even today, she doesn’t know what happened that week.  I quit my job in the cities and moved in with Kevin to help him run his business and settle into a new life with him.

After about a year and a half, the three of us decided rather than planning camping trips and odd weekends, it would be easier for us just to move in together.  We did almost ten years ago now and we’ve been happier in our triad than we were in any of our relationships before this.

It’s amazing what a bottle of whiskey can do…

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