The Dinner Party – Part 2

Jason and Kevyn flipped between the games on TV, but couldn’t settle on anything they wanted to watch while the drama in the kitchen continued. Danny and Jackie had finally stopped bickering. Judging from the noises heard, dinner was finally being made and getting put in the oven.

“Kevyn, you’re lucky.” Jason said abruptly causing Kevyn to turn suddenly. “Your spouse can actually cook and probably can iron a shirt without scorching it.

“Jason, we both can cook and yes, both of us can iron too. Just don’t watch Danny do it. You’ll be convinced he’s going to iron his hand at any moment.”

They both cracked up laughing. The four of them had been in their respective relationships for almost eight years, they had gotten to know each other both as friends but also as confidants. It had just worked out that they could talk to one of the others who could find the right way to bring up the subject to someone else. If Jason was being overly heterosexist, Kevyn would talk to Jackie who know who to get it through to Jason that what he was doing was wrong.

As time had gone on, they came to rely on the spouses less and less and would have direct conversations. To an outsider, it seemed like a recipe for disaster but for the four of them, it was a dynamic that had worked well for years.

Kevyn turned to Jason, “I’m just glad they left to go get the butter. I can cook but Danny is so damn picky about what he wants. Butter is butter! It doesn’t matter if it’s unsalted, lightly salted, salted, or even sea salted. It’s butter!”

Jason let out a laugh, “At least you know what butter is and how to use it. I love Jackie but she’s kitchen challenged.” Out of no where, Jason let out a deep sigh, “Jackie’s challenged in a lot of ways.”

Kevyn stopped and turned on the couch to face him, “Jason! Where did that come from? We all know Jackie’s not the best cook, but that was mean!”

Jason put his head down and tried to hide his face but Kevyn could see the tears in his eyes.

“Jason, what is going on? Are you and Jackie really having that many problems?” Kevyn said as he turned toward the kitchen door, “Did you guys want us to get any wine? Danny, you know I can pair wine.”

A muffled voice came back from the kitchen, “Two bottles of a medium-dry chardonnay, preferably northern Italian or from southern Germany, oh and something as an aperitif.”

Kevyn spoke up, “Okay babe, we’ll be back soon. How long before dinner is ready?”

“At least an hour and a half. We’re having some…difficulties.” was the reply followed by giggles from Jackie.

Kevyn’s face flashed momentary concern, “Danny never has major issues in the kitchen.” Kevyn giggled in his head, “Or in the bedroom.”

Kevyn grabbed his jacket from the arm of the couch and motioned towards Jason with a nod towards the door.

As they walked out the door and Jason shut and locked it behind them, Jason looked up and down the street. Seeing no one, he grabbed Kevyn and spun him around. As Kevyn faced him, Jason planted a rough passionate kiss.

Unbeknownst to either of them, Jackie and Danny were watching from the kitchen window.

Out on the porch, Kevyn tried to pull away but his body leaned in closer to Jason. “I shouldn’t…” he tried to say but Jason was kissing him again, slipping his tongue into Kevyn’s slightly open lips. Finding the strength to overcome his hormones, Kevyn pulled away.

“Jason, what the fuck are you doing? Jackie would kill us both … and Danny …I’d be single before I could wipe my lips dry.”

“Kevyn, I love you. Somewhere after we had the double wedding , probably about a year later, I realized that I was falling for you. You’re so…masculine. At first, I thought it was just a man crush since you are so put together and you’re a sports nut like I am” Jason took a quick breath and the deluge of thoughts and emotions kept pouring out, “but one afternoon, I was sitting on the couch watching a game….and I realized I was rubbing my crotch…thinking of you. I liked it. I wanted to know what it would be like to caress your skin with my fingers and to make love to you.”

Kevyn’s jaw dropped. “Yeah, I’ve fantasized about him…I’ve talked to Jackie about what he’s like in bed…and I’d love to take control of him and …” but Kevyn’s thoughts were interrupted by Jason’s hand cupping his rapidly swelling cock.

Before he could stop himself, he had grabbed Jason with both arms and started pulling him downwards.

Jason didn’t realize what was happening but was quickly on his knees looking up and Kevyn with a look that was a mix of fear and pleading.

Kevyn smirked and growled, “You didn’t expect this now did you boy?’

Jason’s face flashed pure joy for just a moment before he controlled it, but it was too late. Kevyn had seen the look and knew he had found his … ’boy/property’. The two words collided in his head, both having been given form by the same process, just one version was much more intense.

Kevyn smiled, “Let’s go get the wine Jason. If we don’t get back soon, they’ll think we were messing around or something.”

Kevyn took off towards the driveway and Jason stood and followed quietly behind him, head down. Kevyn stole a glance behind him and saw Jason smiling as only a boy, who has found his master and his place in a new relationship, can smile.

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