The Dinner Party – Part 4 (Finale)


As they sat down to dinner, Jackie looked over at Danny and the ring on his finger. She smiled and looked over at Kevyn and Jason as her smile got bigger.

Two years ago was the original dinner party that never happened. Kevyn and Jason had found each other and Danny had fucked the shit out of her right on the counter.

As Jackie sat down, Kevyn stood up and raised his glass.

“I would like to propose a toast to the four of us.

Danny, to you I say thank you. Thank you for understanding that my needs were different than yours.” Kevyn said with a smile and giggle as the rest laughed.

Danny piped up, “You could say that ‘bout my needs too.” which caused Jackie to reach over and give Danny’s leg a squeeze.

Kevyn continued, “Danny, most people would be bitter enemies after what has happened between us. Seeing your partner with someone else and discovering they are happier with someone else is what drives friendship to hatred.

We have had many long talks both as ex-lovers and as friends which is part of the reason I think we are still such close friends.”

There was a small polite round of applause and clinking of glasses before Kevyn continued again.

“Jackie. Sweet Jackie. You are the reason that Danny and I stayed together as long as we did. You ‘kept him’ here in the city which kept him nearby for me. I can’t imagine the amount of sexual tension between the two of you that was pent up for all those years.” Kevyn said as Jackie turned shades of red.

“How Jackie and Danny kept themselves apart had to be divine intervention or more willpower than most people ever have in their lives. Danny, I appreciate you being faithful to me but if I had known you were only staying with me to keep from hurting me…” Kevyn stopped for a moment and wiped away the tears that were starting run down his face, “I would have rather you and I had split up so you could be happy. So many things we have all learned in the last two years.”

Danny smiled as he wiped away tears and Jackie was just holding herself together, not wanting her makeup ruined by the sudden upwelling of tears in her eyes.

Danny stood up, “I would like to make a toast to all of us as well. To Kevyn and Jackie to the best husband and the best wife a man could have. It sounds odd to say especially given my late coming out as straight.” Danny was interrupted by laughter.

“As I was saying.” Danny continued as a smile spread across his face. “we have forged a relationship and bonds that are stronger than most. I know I am Jackie’s second husband but yet…

Kevyn turned to Jason but before he could say anything, Jason stood up and barked at Kevyn to sit down.

Kevyn’s mouth dropped open and he sat down abruptly.

Jason smiled, “That felt good. Really really good.” he said as his face grew serious, “I have been lucky enough in the last ten years to be friends with all of you.

Danny, I have to thank you the most. If it because of you that I met Jackie and indirectly that I met Kevyn. Your cooking is second to none, your laughter and good nature infectious, and well, you are easy on the eyes.” Jackie and Kevyn both nodded as he continued, “Jackie, we shared friendship, a long relationship that ended awkwardly, and yet, I feel we are closer than ever now.

Kevyn, thank you for being you and teaching me who I am. Wait, not teaching me who I am but allowing me to learn who I am. From that first awkward meeting on the porch here to now, it has been a journey of self-discovery.

Jackie, thank you for showing me how a strong person can be soft and how a soft person can be strong.” Jason forced a smile trying to hide the tears in his eyes.

He slipped his hand into his pocket and pulled out a small box. Dropping to his knees in front of Kevyn, he choked out his proposal.

“Kevyn, at first, I was your toy, then a boy, then your lover, and with this ring, we will be each others partners. Will you marry me?”

Kevyn sat dumbstruck, mouth open with tears running down his face. A few moments of silence passed before Jackie punched his shoulder.

“Ya big doof, are you gonna marry the boy or not?!” Jackie asked with giggle.

Kevyn finally came to his senses, “Of course I will Jason. With one condition.”

Danny and Jackie both gasped in unison as Kevyn continued, “Jason, I will marry one on the condition that there is no more master/slave or dom/sub unless we want it. We will be equals, partners, and committed to each other for life.”

The smile that grew across Jason’s face as Kevyn gave his condition looked like it would split his face. Jackie’s control over her crying was no more as she was sobbing while Danny held her hand and used his napkin to dry his own eyes.

Jason broke the silence, exclaiming “Yes!”

Kevyn smiled, “Then yes, Jason. I will marry you for forever and always as your partner and equal.”

As Jason slid the ring onto Kevyn’s finger, Kevyn slipped his right hand into his pocket and pulled out his keys. He leaned forward and kissed Jason. As his kissed him, he fingered his keys and found a small key on his keychain. He slid the key into the small padlock on the chain around Jason’s neck.

“My love, you don’t need this any longer.” he said in a reverntial tone. He slipped the lock out of the chain and shut it. He turned to the group and snapped the key rendering the closed lock useless.

The two couples started eating the dinner that had been interrupted by the roller coaster of life.

– End –

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