A Change Of Scenery # 2


Jaysin woke up and stared at the ceiling. He’d had no luck the night before and had spent more on drinks and bar covers than he planned. Looking around his studio apartment and over at his altar, he felt a sudden rush of energy, Within a half hour, the studio apartment was spotless. The energy wouldn’t let go of him, he could feel it coursing through him as if he was drunk from it.

The altar was bothering him. He looked at it and couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it. He rearranged it over and over but couldn’t figure it out. It had gone from being bothersome to becoming an obsession.

“Pahana Davidson!” he exclaimed out loud, startling himself. He rarely used his real name except when he had to use it or if he was upset with himself.

Sitting down cross-legged in front of his altar, he focused on stopping the non-stop train of thoughts going through his mind. Now was not the time to be worried about money, sex, or anything else. He felt a warmth spread across him and at the same time, his sense of smell seem to be heightened. He could smell the bar from last night, the smell of days old sex (was that .. oh yeah, Sherri’s long lean body flashed into his mind). ‘Not now’ he though to himself. There was another smell of sex in the room. He couldn’t place who it belonged to but he was arousing him. He lowered his head and looked down at the floor.

The smell was more intense as he lowered his head. He bent his head down as far as he could and realized that it was the smell of his own body and his pheromones that was arousing him. Standing up and he took off his tattered boxers and held them up to his face, the first whiff hitting him like a jolt. Suddenly, fully aroused, he needed release.

He looked down at his body and smelled his boxers again. The slow throb of his now rock hard cock fascinated him. He found his mind wandering again and the thoughts didn’t quite make sense. They were less thoughts and more flashes of vision. One recurring image was of the Ouroboros. He thought about this again, then looked down at his ‘trouser snake’ and he understood.

Slowly bending himself together, at first, he was only able to get a few inches from his glans. As he stretched and focused his thoughts on to what he was doing, it was as if he gained a limberness to bend further and it was like his cock had grown two more inches in length and looked thicker than he could remember.

He focused harder on the goal and then it happened. As his glans slipped between his lips, Pahana felt a rush of energy, hormones, and exhilaration. He started to slowly suck his own cock, relishing the feel of it in his mouth. After the initial first few minutes, he slowed down and started nursing his cock. Like a baby with a bottle, he slowly sucked and lightly bit at it. As he sucked harder and took his own cock deeper, he felt the slow insistent rise of an orgasm building in his balls.

He kept up the slow steady rhythm he’d developed, relishing the intensifying power rising up within himself, knowing that he and only he would control this orgasm. Unaware of anything around him, Pahana was engrossed into a primal ritual. A ritual known for dozens, if not hundreds, of generations of his ancestors.

The sudden oozing of precum in his mouth caught him off-guard but he found himself wanting more. He was high on his own energy and his body. The long lean lines of his Native American body finally getting ready to give up their secrets.

Pahana was so engrossed in himself that he lost track of his orgasm, so when he started shooting cum, he was unprepared. The first shot caused him to gag slightly but the taste of it..’Oh my Gods! This is the nectar of the Gods! Why have I been wasting it?” he exclaimed in his own head as he felt his mouth filling with his own seed.

Unable to swallow it in the position he was in but his mouth was rapidly filling. ‘I have to stop.’ Pahana told himself. As he pulled his mouth away, as if by some outside force, the ejaculation stopped. He stood up and swirled his life force in his mouth. Walking over and standing in front of his altar, he gave silent thanks to the Creator and swallowed his cum. As he did, a second orgasm struck him, launching ropes of life all over his altar. The streaks were nearly perfect aligned in a fanlike pattern across the surface of the altar.

He looked at the altar and saw that crystals that he simply thought were pretty were suddenly glowing and two of the stone spheres were actively moving on the table. Watching in disbelief, he hadn’t noticed that the two spheres of labradorite that were on the back corners of his altar had turned and their luminescent faces faced him.

Pahana felt the power of the Gods sweep over him and as he fell to his knees to give thanks, the two labradorite spheres caught the first rays of sun to sweep into the room and momentarily blinded him as he started giving thanks to the Creator for what he had learned. As he did, there was a flash of clarity in his mind. An epiphany.

In a strong proud voice he stated, ‘I am the Ouroboros. I am life and death. I can see the unseen. I am Pahana Davidson. I will not hide behind Jaysin any longer. I pledge my body and my life to the Creator and doing what I can in the Creator’s name.”

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