A Change Of Scenery – Part 5


Pahana sat back allowed himself to relax for a few minutes. The last few weeks had been a blur of working all night and the teaching sessions with this Spirit Teacher. The only thing that had changed is that he hadn’t returned to the Daily Drip since his encounter with Seamus.

He hadn’t been himself at work either. As a go-go dancer in a shower enclosure that misted him with warm water, the customers couldn’t touch him. They could easily watch him put on a show with the stripper pole and tip him for his antics. Throughout the last week, he’d just not been feeling the music the same way and he found himself searching the crowd for Seamus.

Looking over at the clock on the wall, he saw it wasn’t even 5am yet. Too early to go to bed and still too early to head over to the Daily Drip. Other than a late dinner, Pahana thought so himself, is there a point to going? He got up and settled himself in front of his altar.

Sitting back in his chair, he found himself thinking of Seamus again. Seamus was no longer a random thought but had become an obsession. He had replayed the brush of his hand across his knee over and over in his head and each time, he got the same warm rush from it. But what was the rush was the question that kept replaying in his head. Was it spiritual energy from Seamus as a fellow spirit talker? Was it something more? As Pahana thought about it once again, he though about the rush and thought to himself, It’s like I was turned on by his touch!” Panic overtook him for a few minutes as the thought of being turned on by a guy went through his mind. I’m not gay. I don’t like guys like that. I don’t like guys. Though he is attractive…NO! I’m not attracted to him!

He forced himself to sit down in front of his altar, Perhaps the Sage will have some advice. He lit some sage and cleansed the area around his altar and asked for the spirits to answer his call. He could feel a warmth spread up his body as if the floor was suddenly being heated. He looked up from the altar itself and could see long red tendrils that looked like hair floating in the air. He realized at that moment that he did need to talk to Seamus but he didn’t know why.

He got up and got dressed for an early ride across town. Taking off along the city streets, he avoided the trail system as it was still too early and the trails were dark. The lack of traffic on the streets made it easy to make good time across town. Rolling across the river on the 9th St Bridge, he realized he’d make it to the Drip about an hour before they opened. Since it was a warm night, he decided to ride down to South Pine Avenue. As Halloween approached, life would soon get rough for those still working the street and the weather would become a bigger concern that the police. As he rode, he didn’t see anyone that he recognized but he did see that two of the bigger buildings that had been squats were not construction sites.

Turning back north, he stepped into it and made good time getting away from Pine Avenue as if just being on the street would pull him back into it. He was doing well enough on his own. He kept a small studio apartment with enough space for a small living area and dedicated altar space. As he though about the changes that had happened over the summer, he found himself riding up to the Daily Drip just as Kasey opened the doors.

“Hey stranger! Where have you been hiding out Pahana? We’ve missed you and started to get worried.” she said as she pulled him in.

“Been busy with work and all that.” Pahana said dismissively.

“Still working as a stripper?” she asked with a glint in her eye.

“Yeah, pays pretty well too. Best part of it is that they look but they can’t touch.” he said with a mischievous smile.

Kasey was about to say something more then the door opened with a bang. Kasey and Pahana both turned at the same time to see Seamus walking in.

“Sorry ‘bout that. Didn’t realize the wind would catch it.” Seamus said with a sheepish smile.

Kasey laughed, “It’s okay Symon. What do you want this morning? I know what Pahana will have.”

Pahana and Symon both stopped and looked at each other but didn’t say anything.

“I’ll just have a coffee, two creams and a english muffin for now.” Symon said with a smile as he turned to Pahana, “So, Pahana, shall we sit and talk.” while thinking to himself. “You know something? You frighten me.”

“Yes, we should Symon.” Pahana said flatly. So much for keeping to Jaysin.

As Kacey went back into the kitchen, they took up residence in the farthest and most isolated booth they could find.

“Pahana is it? You told me you were Jaysin.”

“And you said Seamus not Symon.”

“Yes, yes I did. Seamus is my name when I’m doing spiritual work. My real name is Symon.”

“Jaysin is the name that my adopted family gave me.”

With the formalities of the names out of the way, they settled into a guarded but amiable small talk about Cloverdale and about their own beliefs. Before long, their breakfast had arrived and sat mostly untouched.

Lost in their conversation, the world around them continued but they were oblivous to it. The morning rush came and went. A few yawns showed that it was getting late for Pahana but yet, they kept talking and just as the morning rush had came in, so did the lunch rush.

It was almost 2pm when Kasey finally broke into their conversation.

“You guys do realize you’ve been sitting here for almost nine hours now. Get out of here!” she said with a knowing smile. There are better places to be having this conversation anyway.

Pahana and Symon looked at each other, “I guess we should leave then.” they said in unison then laughed.

They settled their tabs and walked out towards the bike racks.

Pahana unlocked his bike and turned to Symon, “You still want to talk more or should we save this for another morning?”

“I’d love to keep talking. What do you have in mind?”

“How about my place? It’s small but it’s quiet.”

Symon forced a smile, “Sounds good to me.” but in his head, he was worried about what Pahana might do.

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