A Change Of Scenery – Part 6


Sitting on the futon and talking, Pahana and Symon started on the ends of the futon but had been slowly moving closer to each other. Symon didn’t plan on anything happening but he told himself that he’d not turn anything down. As the afternoon turned into evening, they ordered pizza and kept talking. When the pizza arrived, the conversation moved from the futon to the dining room table.

Between bites, Pahana looked up at at Symon and asked blunty, “Just how old are you?”

Symon looked up and smiled, “Old enough to be legal.”

“Old enough to be legal for what?” Pahana asked rather confused.

Symon shook his head and chuckled at Pahana’s naivety. With a wry smile, he shot back, “Old enough to drive and old enough to have sex with you.”

Pahana’s eye grew wide, “Have sex with me?” he asked astonished.

“Yeah, you’ve been afraid of me since we first met over at the Drip. I brushed your knee and you bolted out the door.”

“What did you expect? I’m not…” Pahana trailed off uncertainly.

“You’re not what? You didn’t show up to the Drip for two solid weeks after that. Either you are homophobic or you’re lying to yourself.”

Pahana quickly stood up, knocking his chair over. “I’m not homophobic and I really don’t like your attitude.”

Giving him the same wry smile, “Yeah? What are you going to do about my attitude? Give me dirty looks? Ask me to leave?” Symon said condescendingly.

Pahana lost control of himself for a moment and when he regained it, he was just about to punch Symon in the face. Symon deftly reached up and stopped Pahana’s punch and without letting go, leaned towards Pahana and kissed him on the lips. Frozen for a moment, Pahana was trapped in his own mind. He was trying to punch Symon over something stupid and yet Symon was kissing him. He felt Symon’s tongue graze his lips and felt a rush like an electric current shoot through his body and everything went dark as he fell to the floor.

When he came to, Pahana was laying on the couch with his head in Symon’s lap. He was aware of Symon’s hand brushing the side of his face and through his hair. He opened his eyes and looked up into Symon’s face. All he could do was smile.

“Symon, I’m so sorry. I’ve never,” Pahana trailed off, “I’ve never thought about… the feelings I sometimes have for men. As for running away from you, yeah I ran. I spent days curled up on this futon wondering why your touch on my knee gave me butterflies in my stomach. Your blue eyes are so captivating and so deep.” Pahana stopped and leaned up to give Symon a kiss.

At that moment, the floodgates were opened and Pahana understood his feelings. As his lips touched Symon’s he felt more alive than he ever had before. His back arched and he could feel himself becoming aroused. After what seemed like several minutes, they broke the kiss and Pahana moved to sit up on the futon.

Symon smiled at him, “I’m sorry as well Pahana. I didn’t mean to push you into coming out quite that strongly. I’ve just seen too many people who hide themselves from themselves and then never do anything about it. They are miserable bitter people who never find love.”

“Just like my adopted parents. There’s a reason I’ve been on the streets the last few years. It’s better out here than it was at home. There was no love at home. Two business people who cared more about money and getting ahead than they did about the son they adopted.”

Symon’s smile faded away, “How did you survive on the streets for that long?”

Pahana’s face grimaced, “By fucking soccer moms mostly. It paid enough for me to afford this place and keep food in the kitchen. Besides, when you are only with them for an hour. They can’t get to know you and they can’t hurt you. As the great Tina Turner sang,


Symon sat silently for a moment then exclaimed, “That’s why you ran away from me. You realized there might be feelings there and you ran away.”

Pahana didn’t say anything but the tears silently betrayed the truth of what Symon said.

Symon wrapped his arms around Pahana and pulled him over to his lap, just holding him close and letting him cry. Before long, the tears and become sobs. Symon kept his firm hold on Pahana, occasionally reaching up to run his fingers through his hair and try to comfort him.

Thinking that Pahana was going to cry through the entire night, Symon made himself as comfortable as he could after a while. He kicked off his boots and put his feet up on the futon. Pahana looked at his feet on the futon and it brought him back to reality. He pushed Symon’s feet off the futon.

Symon laughed and Pahana looked up at him and started laughing as well. Pahana looked over at the clock on the wall and saw it was already 8pm.

“Symon, I know it’s early, but I usually work 9pm to 3am as an exotic dancer. I decided to head over to the Drip yesterday to talk to you and I’ve not slept since yesterday. I’m dead tired and emotionally drained. I need to sleep soon.”

Symon gave him a tender smile, “Do you want me to leave?”

“I don’t know Symon. I don’t know…stay please.”

They moved to the bed and laid down. Symon was holding Pahana who fell asleep as soon as he laid down with Symon’s arms wrapped around him.

Pahana awoke the next morning and was immediately aware of the sound of breathing next to him. He didn’t dare move but opened his eyes to see Symon laying beside him. He put his arm over Symon and pulled him close.


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