A Shaman’s Gift – Part 10


The feasting was over and the Great Hall had cleared out and now the Lodge was in clean up mode.  Maikaj was obviously battling exhaustion as he listened to the last few petitioners who had queued up to speak with him.  Kevyl sat in his place on the dais waiting for the final petitioners to be done so that he and Maikyl could retire back to their chambers.  It was another ten minutes but then they were being escorted out of the Great Hall and back to their chambers.

As they walked back to their chambers, Maikyl turned to Kevyl and asked him if he was ready for the handfasting.

“Maikaj, begging your pardon, but may I speak freely?” Kevyl asked cautiously.

Maikaj stopped walking, noting that Kevyl had addressed him as Maikaj.  What ever he wants to say, it must be important. With a wave of his hand, the guards that had been escorting them melted into the darkness of the halls, the sounds of retreating boots the only sign there had been others with them.  When the sounds of the boots faded away, Maikaj turned Kevyl so they were face to face.

“Kevyl, you may speak your mind.  What is it?”

“Maikaj, I don’t know if this is such a good idea.  I’m a commoner. I don’t know the ways of the Lodge. I don’t even know how to properly present myself.  I will just embarrass you and make a fool of the Lodge and of the Pamnyki.”

Maikyl couldn’t hold in the laugh that was building inside him.  He swept Kevyl up in a bear hug and spun him around.

“Kevyl, my love, you served the Lodge well.  The only change will be that instead of serving others, now people will be serving you.  You know how to properly address people and provide hospitality.  What more do you need to know?”

“Maikaj…” was all that Kevyl was able to say before Maikyl’s hand was over his mouth.

“Remember what I told you Kevyl.” Maikyl growled, eliciting a meek nod from Kevyl.

“Kevyl, tomorrow you will be my husband.  All the things we have thought about and haven’t done will be available to us.  It will add to your stature in the Lodge.” Maikyl said soothingly, trying to calm Kevyl, “The only difference is that after tomorrow, you will no longer have to be at my beck and call as a servant.  You will be my mate, my beta.  If you choose to do something for me, it is of your own volition not because you’re dutybound.”

Kevyl bowed deeply, “I know my Sovereign.  However, when I am addressing you as my Sovereign, I will use Maikaj.  It is your name and title.  Maikyl is used behind closed doors and in our private residence.”

Maikyl flashed a big grin as he realized what had happened before, “Kevyl, I am sorry that I snapped at you.  It will take me some time as well to adjust to you being at my side by choice, not duty.”

Looking around and seeing no one, Maikyl moved with the speed of a wolf and before Kevyl had a chance to react, Maikyl was biting as his throat.

Kevyl let out a moan and went limp in ecstasy.  Maikyl scooped him up and carried him into the Sovereign’s Retreat and kicked the door shut behind them.

Maikyl slowly undressed Kevyl, relishing the forbidden passion they were about to enjoy.  For the Sovereign to lose his purity before marriage would be a scandal that only the Great Wolf would be able to make right. Maikyl knew where things would have to stop, but harbored doubts that he’d be able to tame his inner wolf once his hormones took over.

In just a few moves, Kevyl was laying naked in the moonlight of the open window.  Maikyl felt the rush of hormones causing him to get lightheaded as he swooned at the sight of Kevyl’s creamy pale skin glowing in the dark.  Maikyl undid the embroidered belt of jewels that held his robe shut.  With a shrug, a loud clang resounded through the chamber as Maikyl stepped out of his royal robes revealing that he was naked under them.

Kevyl couldn’t stop his hormones nor the arousal that was throbbing between his legs.  A war was raging in his head, his hormones wanting to finally become one with Maikyl after all these years and the other side knew that if Maikaj lost his purity before the wedding, he would be forced to abdicate the throne and he would be put to death.

A few minutes passed with them admiring each other while lost in their own thoughts of the situation. Maikyl finally came back to his senses and realized that if they went any further it would be the death of Kevyl and likely himself.

“Kevyl, we can’t do this tonight.  Tomorrow night, we will realize our love and become one.  We risk our own lives for one night of passion.  I can’t risk you.  I just can’t.  Go to your chambers and find a warm cloak and wear nothing under it.  We are going on an adventure.”

Kevyl quickly threw on his underclothes and made a quick dash to his chambers.  He returned a few minutes later in a long flowing indigo cloak with the hood pulled up.  He looked around and slipped into Maikyl’s chambers where he was whisked through some of the back passages of the Lodge.  Kevyl found himself trying to figure out where they were going.  He thought he knew all the passages of the Lodge, but he was learning new ones following Maikyl.

Suddenly, there was an opening to the outside and Maikyl picked up Kevyl and spun him around again.Kevyl looked around and realized they were high atop the Lodge Tower. Kevyl looked around at Talija shining the moonlight, then looked up at the moon.

Maikyl smiled, “My … now our secret place.  Look around, it’s all ours.”

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