A Shaman’s Gift – Part 12


A blast of horns signalled Maikaj’s arrival at the back of the Great Hall. Dressed in his finest robes and jewels, he commanded attention. Striding down the aisle, his graceful gait accentuated by his robes flowing behind him. Approaching the dais, he saw Brojyl, his war leader, standing in his best uniform. As war leader, Brojyl was the second in command of Tajali and as such, would be presiding over the wedding. Maikaj would normally oversee a state wedding being the highest member of the Elpas.

Taking his place at the front of the hall, Maikaj turned and faced the back of the hall. Kevyl stepped around the corner dressed entirely in exotic leatherwork, a gift from the Pamnyki. Exquisitely made, it would have taken days of detailed handiwork to tan all the leather and sew it together. His strength was accentuated by the sword that he carried at his side downplaying his short stature. He strode with long soldier-like steps up to the dais and took his place beside Maikaj. Maikaj and Brojyl both noted the lack of expression on Kevyl’s face. The Pamnyki were a proud and noble people, Kevyl was following the traditions of his people.

Maikaj and Kevyl turned around, they made brief eye contact. Maikyl saw the briefest glimmer of a smile flash across Kevyl’s freckled face and knew his stoic face was all for show.

Maikaj gave the smallest of nods and Brojyl cleared his throat.

“Welcome to the wedding of Most Revered Elpa, the Alpha of Talija, Head of the Great Lodge and Paw of the Great Wolf; Maikaj of Farmdale and Steward of the Great Lodge Residences, Kevyl of the Pamnyki.

Please, let us give a special welcome to the Pamnyki who have come to see the one of their sons marrying our beloved Sovereign. Let them be welcomed here and show them our affection. Very soon, we will be united as one people through the marriage taking place today.”

The leader of Talija, Maikyl was wrapped up in the ceremony and fretting over any possible mistake or embarrassment . Kevyl was trying to stay a couple of steps of the ceremony so that he didn’t make any mistakes that would bring shame or disgrace to himself or Pamnyki.

In just over a half hour, Brojyl had gotten through all the formalities of their histories and titles. As the ceremony was nearing its end, Brojyl stood silent for a moment before addressing the gathered audience as much as Maikaj and Kevyl.

“Do you, Most Revered Elpa Maikaj, leader of Talija, Head of the Wolf Lodge and Paw of the Great Wolf, take Kevyl of the Pamnyki to be your mate, to cherish and protect, in love and anger, friendship and romance, to raise your pu…” Brojyl stopped and turned a deep shade of red. Maikyl shot a look at Brojyl, who just smiled and looked out at the crowd. “to lead Talija and Pamnyki to greater fortunes and prestige.”

Maikyl paused and solemnly looked at Brojyl then turned to Kevyl smiling from ear to ear, “I do!”

“Kevyl of the Pamnyki…” Brojyl repeating the same vows to Kevyl who solemnly vowed, “I do.”

Brojyl stepped forward, “You may now kiss.”

Everyone in the audience felt the electricity between Kevyl and Maikaj. Despite the near two foot height difference, Maikaj’s graceful leaning down and scooping Kevyl off his feet made the kiss seem effortless. The audience erupted into raucous cheers of approval and fireworks went off around the lodge as their lips touched. For a brief moment, it seemed that Maikaj and Kevyl had merged into one.

As they broke the kiss, they realized that something more had happened but didn’t know what. The once raucous crowd was now silent, mouths open and eyes wide. Brojyl stood stunned for a moment as well. He regained his composure but his voice was still shaking as the introduced the newlyweds to the assembled throng. Another raucous roar went up and the celebrations began.

Brojyl leaned into them and whispered, “Maikaj, your ears are showing.”

Kevyl looked at Maikaj and realized that his ears had grown furrier and more pointed. As they turned to face the crowd, Kevyl saw a large protrusion in Maikaj’s pants, but in the back. His mind quickly put all the pieces together and realized that his husband was not just the leader of the Wolf Lodge. He was part wolf as well.

Stepping down from the dais, the crowd gathering in close and surrounding them. Maikaj was shaking hands and waving while Kevyl walked beside him shaking hands and getting patted on the back.

The differences between the Pamnyki and the Talijali were more pronounced during the recessional. The Talijali were boisterous and reaching out to touch the newlyweds while congratulating them whereas the Pamnyki were calmly clapping and shaking hands.

Stopping at the back of the Great Hall, Maikaj and Kevyl turned back to the crowd. Maikaj loudly announced that that evening there would be a reception and celebration starting at mid-afternoon and that there would be a horn call to summon the revelers.

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