A Shaman’s Gift – Part 14



As they approached the doorway to High Elpa’s bedchamber, Maikaj suddenly swept up Kevyl and carried him across the threshold to the room.  He set Kevyl down gently and couldn’t hide the huge smile on his face.

“Kevyl, my mate, oh how I have longed to say those words.  My mate.  As the leader of the Talijali, I have been so busy with my people and the Great Wolf that I have neglected my own needs.  You have always been beside me and have always been one who wasn’t afraid of me and you spoke your mind even when you weren’t asked.”

Kevyl stood silently listening to Maikaj, a bit nervous as to what would be happening next.  He knew they would need to consummate the marriage but he wasn’t sure how that would work.  Most same gender couple among the Pamnyki lived together but no one discussed their intimate lives.  Then again, no one talked about that at all. Kevyl’s parents had never had ‘the talk’ with him.  It was just assumed that he would grow up, find a girl and get married.  They’d do like everyone else had and figured it out.

Maikaj continued, oblivious to the turmoil in Kevyl’s head, “Kevyl, what do we do now?”

Kevyl snapped out of his own head and started laughing, “I don’t know. I was hoping that you’d know.” which sent Maikaj into laughter of his own.

Kevyl’s boldness got the better of him.  He reached up and ran his hand across Maikaj’s chestplate.

“You know, we can probably take off our ceremonial vestments.  The wedding is over.” Kevyl said with a wicked smile, his hands fumbling for the straps of the chest plate.

“My dearest Kevyl, allow me to help.” Maikaj said with a flourish as he went down on one knee.

Within a few minutes, both men were naked and laying on the bed.  This time, Maikaj made the first move, his long lean hands starting to run across Kevyl’s stout muscular body.  Maikaj’s long reach made it easy for him to caress all of Kevyl’s body.  It didn’t take much of his touch for Kevyl to respond, his cock throbbing against his belly aching to be touched.

Maikaj stopped for a moment and took in all of his new husband’s body.  Kevyl was short, stocky and covered in pale reddish blond fur that almost looked like pup down.  Any scars or injuries that Kevyl may have gotten were hidden by his pale cream colored skin.  Bright red pubic hair couldn’t contain Kevyl’s long thick cock from throbbing nor could it hide his large testicles.  What Kevyl didn’t have height, he made up for between his legs. The thing that captivated Maikaj was Kevyl’s cockhead.  It was exposed, no skin over it, no protective sheath like he had.  He couldn’t control himself any longer and reached out to touch it.

Kevyl let out a loud moan as Maikaj’s fingers slowly ran up and down the length of his shaft and he soon found himself lost in an intoxicating wave of hormones and emotions.  Rolling over to face Maikaj, Kevyl found his face at chest level and flicked his tongue over Maikaj’s hard nipple eliciting a loud yelp from Maikaj who wasn’t expecting it.  Maikaj rolled over, facing towards Kevyl.  Slowly, their lips met and both felt an electric shock pass through their bodies. Their bodies rolling towards each other, pressed together with a fine sheen of sweat glueing them together.

Time stopped for the newlyweds as their hormones took over and basal desires took over. Wrestling was next on the night. As they turned and lunged on the bed, Maikaj was impressed with Kevyl’s raw strength and Kevyl was awestruck by just how lithe and quick Maikaj was when he moved.

Suddenly, Kevyl found himself face down on the bed with his arms being held behind him by Maikaj, who was on top of him.  He felt Maikaj’s throbbing cock against his backside and involuntarily thrust his hips up towards Maikaj.  Each time he felt a throb, he felt a warm wetness in his asscrack.  Without warning, Kevyl felt something hot and hard at his hole. Compared to what he had seen, Maikaj’s cock felt much thicker when it was pressed against him.

Kevyl let out a loud, piercing moan as a searing pain tore through his body. Maikyl stopped pushing into him and let Kevyl adjust to it but something was also urging him on…

A deep guttural howl tore through Maikaj’s mind. He wasn’t sure what was happening but his body wasn’t under his control. Before he could try to understand what was happening, he had pushed Kevyl firmly into the bed and was driving his cock in and out of of Kevyl with no regard for Kevyl. It was when he bit down on Kevyl’s neck and tasted his blood that he knew something was out of control and he fought to control his body. Just as Maikaj thought he was in control, he felt a growing feeling rising from his testicles, a need to finish what he was doing.

Kevyl didn’t know what was happening to him except that what had started out gently and lovingly had turned rough and primal. When he tried to turn around to look at Maikaj was he when he was bitten and it was clearly a wolf’s muzzle that was biting him. He focused on his body and realized that Maikaj was no longer Maikaj, he was a wolf.

Just as Kevyl had put together the pieces of Maikaj’s becoming a wolf, Maikaj lost control and started filling Kevyl with his seed.

Maikaj returned to his body to realize that Kevyl was sobbing and bleeding and that he could taste blood in his mouth.

What in the name of the Great Wolf have I done?

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