A Shaman’s Gift – Part 15

Kevyl laid there in a state of shock.  If he hadn’t seen the wolf on top of him, it would have just been rough sex: something basal releasing their pent up lust and emotion. He wasn’t sure exactly what had happened but he felt a raw lust for more.  He knew it was Maikyl that had mated him but the wolf?

Laying next to him, Maikyl was trying to make sense of the fur in the bed and why there was blood on Kevyl’s neck and shoulders, matting his long red hair to his head. Suddenly, he sat up in the bed.

“Kevyl, I was a wolf wasn’t I?” Maikyl yelped, louder than he expected.

Kevyl meekly turned his head and saw Maikyl laying there beside him.  He slowly nodded affirmatively.

Maikyl’s protective instincts took over and he started to make sure that Kevyl wasn’t seriously injured, at least not physically.  Any emotional or mental injuries were beyond his ability to heal.  Aside from some toothmarks and claw scrapes, Kevyl appeared to be okay.  The meekness of his actions and his complete silence belied the mental trauma that had happened.

Maikyl called out for the hot stone baths and steam room to be readied as soon as possible.  A muffled reply came from beyond the latched door to the bedchamber told Maikyl that it would be about a half hour before all would be in readiness.  Picking up the washstand and setting it next to the bed, Maikyl slowly and gently began to clean up Kevyl.  Kevyl didn’t resist but also didn’t give Maikyl much assistance, which was beginning to worry Maikyl.

I know the Great Wolf took over my body allowing for the highest union with Kevyl, but at what cost? – Maikyl thought to himself.

Kevyl was laying still on the bed, only moving in very small motions, trying to avoid catching Maikyl’s attention.  As he lay there, he felt a warmth starting to radiate from his insides.  At first, it was a diffuse warmth but after focusing on it, he realized it was inside him. To be that hot, it would have to be blood.  Maikyl had torn him apart. I’m going to die laying here!

No Kevyl, you will not die. Great changes are happening inside you. You were common before last night. Now, you are on equal footing with Maikyl. Understanding will be slow to come, but you will clearly understand soon enough…” the voice in Kevyl’s head commanded in a voice that was part growl, part speech, and part howl.

Kevyl sat up and faced Maikyl, “You were the wolf.” was his pronouncement.

Maikyl stopped washing up Kevyl’s wounds as he sat up, “No Kevyl, I was not the wolf.  The wolf was me.  The Great Wolf took me over for reasons I do not know. All I know is that I hurt you, I recognize the size of my mouth in the marks on your neck and the size of my hands in the scratches that cover your body.  I don’t know what the Great Wolf had in mind and has in mind for you and I, but it must have been very important to risk our wedding night for it.”

Kevyl explained the voice he had heard as Maikyl sat down beside him. As Kevyl explained it, Maikyl heard a low throaty growl in his head. The growl confirmed part of what Maikyl had been thinking. Kevyl was now mated to him in the eyes of the Great Wolf as well as in the eyes of the law and land.

Maikyl gave Kevyl a bear hug and held him close.

“Kevyl, you know I didn’t really have control over what happened right?”

“I do now.  I didn’t while it was happening and afterwards.  It wasn’t until the Great Wolf spoke to me that I understood what had happened. I just don’t understand what the Great Wolf meant by Great changes are happening inside you. I mean, that’s a cryptic statement even for the Great Wolf.”

“Yes, Kevyl, it is.  The Great Wolf is often quite mysterious.” Maikyl said through a yawn. “I’m hungry.  I could go for a burger up on the tower while we sit and watch the stars.”

“Mmm…that does sound good.  Put some fresh Taljian sharp cheese on it and you’d have a cheeseburger in paradise.” Kevyl said with a mischievous smile.

“Yeah, you would.  Though that sounds like a song that a drunken bard would sing as a village pub.” Maikyl said with a hint of derision.

“I supposed.  Though that cheeseburger up on the tower does sound good.  I dunno why, but I’m really hungry.” Kevyl said with a slight hint of concern.

“Hopefully that means you are feeling better and just need to resupply that hot body of yours after what happened…and what may happen later.” Maikyl said with a twinkle in his eye. “I’d like to sample more of the delights of your body.  Just me.”

As Maikyl said that, Kevyl tensed up and stammered out “I..I…I don’t…know about that.”

“Okay, Kevyl, You know how you feel and what you want.  You can make any moves you want to make.  I’m not going to make you do anything. But first, let’s see what the kitchen can do while we take a hot bath together and I make sure you are safe and sound.”

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