A Shaman’s Gift – Part 17


Maikyl slipped under the furs and pressed his body against Kevyl’s.  Running his hand across Kevyl’s ever growing belly, he wondered just how long it would be before he would be a father.

Kevyl was momentarily distracted by Maikyl’s touch but the tedium of being stuck in bed for the last month was starting to get to him. “Maikyl my love, hold me tight before I start screaming. I’m so sick of laying here.  All I do is eat and fart.  I swear if I get any bigger, I’m just going to explode!”

Maikaj gave him a long tender squeeze then let his mouth wander to one of Kevyl’s nipples. As the pregnancy had progressed, his breasts had begun to swell as well.  Maikyl gave the nipple a quick nip then sucked it.  As he started sucking, his mouth filled with liquid.  It wasn’t coppery like blood.  In fact, it was quite enjoyable.  As he pulled his mouth away, he could see milk slowly coming out of Kevyl’s nipple.

“Uhhh…Kevyl.  A tit by any other name is a tit, but yours taste even sweeter.  You are beginning to produce milk.”

Kevyl looked down in terror, “Let go of me now or I’ll scream.”

“I’ll go get Benjyl. I don’t know what he’ll be able to do, but I’ll summon him.”

“Maybe he knows something now.  I’ll still don’t know how I’m going to give birth.” he moaned as laid back down as Maikyl disappeared out of the chambers. What is going to happen?  How am I going to give birth?  Will I ever get out of this bed again?

A few minutes later, Maikaj returned with Benjyl close behind him long with a woman he didn’t immediately recognize.

“Kevyl, this is Mauria.  She is one of the mid-wives here at the Lodge who assists with childbirth.  Maikaj said you had begun to produce milk.  May I examine you?  There may be other changes that have begun as well.”

Maikaj turned his back to give Kevyl some privacy and was pacing when Mauria suddenly shouted out “Lady, you got a set of balls on you!”

Kevyl and Maikaj both let out loud laughs as Benjyl turned a deep scarlet color.  He quickly silenced Mauria and reminded her of where she was and who she was treating.

“Yes, Mauria, he does.” Benjyl commented as he gently lowered Kevyl’s testicles back into place.

Benjyl stopped for a moment, “Maikaj, you best come here.  There’s something you need to see.”

Mauria let out a loud gasp and went pale as she neared a faint.

Benjyl didn’t say anything, rather he lifted up Kevyl’s testicles over his penis to reveal a small vertical opening.

“Benjyl…Mauria.  What is happening to Kevyl?” Maikaj asked in a panic.

“Most Revered Elpa Maikaj, it would appear that Kevyl is preparing for childbirth.  As he is a man, he would not be able to give birth the way a woman would. Given that his manhood seems to have moved up on his body, I would say that the Great Wolf is causing changes to allow Lord Kevyl to give birth.”

Maikyl gave Kevyl’s body a lingering lookover, “Benjyl and Mauria, I’ve known Kevyl’s body for several months now.  His ruby jewels are much closer to him than normal.  It’s as if he was trying to hide them.”

“Perhaps he is Maikaj.  Given the size of his jewels and sceptre, it would be advantageous for him to have them out of the way.”

Kevyl shot straight up in bed growling out, “YOU. WILL. NOT. REMOVE. MY. MANHOOD.”

Maikyl leapt to Kevyl’s side, “No Kevyl, that will not happen.  It is just our concern that your normally large jewels would be in the way for you giving birth. The Great Wolf appears to be making it easier for you to give birth.  It seems that you are growing a woman’s love between your legs.”

Kevyl looked to Benjyl who nodded solemnly.

“Well, at least I’ll be able to give birth easier that way.” Kevyl said with a sigh of comic relief.

Mauria moved in to examine Benjyl closer, asking Maikaj to help hold Kevyl’s manhood out of the way. She examined him for a few moments then nodded to Maikaj, who gently returned Kevyl’s manhood to a resting position.

“Benjyl, Maikaj and most importantly Kevyl; Kevyl, you are near to giving birth. You are starting to open and soon you will be…”

Kevyl interrupted everything with a loud scream, “my guts…twisting”

Mauria looked at Benjyl, “Hot water, lots of towels, get me a flask of hypernia for the afterbirth and cleaning up, and once this is done, a flask of the best mead in the Lodge. Now.”

Benjyl ran out of the room and the echo of his boots on the stairs faded into the distance.

“Kevyl, I’m not going to lie, this is going to hurt.  The worst pain of your life.  Just remember, that no matter what happens, the pain will pass and you will be the father of the newest member of the lodge.”

Maikyl gave her a smile and kissed Kevyl on the head.

“Mauria, you are in charge here.  What do you need me to do?” Maikyl asked.

“Most Revered…” Mauria started but was cut off.

“You are in my chambers Mauria.  You are assisting my mate and likely saving his life.  You can call me Maikyl but only this day.”

Mauria struggled to regain her composure, “Yes Maikyl.” she stammered as a wolf howled outside the lodge, quickly joined by more howls which soon grew into a cacophony of sound that flooded the Lodge.

Mauria looked down and saw that Kevyl’s life water was flowing.

“Maikyl, it is time. He waits not for Benjyl.  Hold his hand and comfort him, we do not know how blessed he has been.”

The minutes turned to hours as Kevyl’s screams and labor pains both grew in intensity.

No one could know how this would end.

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