To Be Determined – Part 2


I looked nervously at Rowdy.  What about your project?  You could get so much done.

I knew what I should answer but then I realized that Rowdy was standing there in his boxers.  Not naked, but in his boxers.  Either he slept with them on or put them on during the night.  Hmm.

I found myself looking down, taking in the shapely farm boy body that the clothes had hidden from view last night.  He was shorter than I remember, but his boots probably added 3” to his height.  He looked better built with his clothes off as the dress shirt he was wearing hid his well defined torso.  He was fuzzy with a light layer of blond hair covering his arms, legs, and chest.

I took a deep breath and found myself saying “Count me in!”

Rowdy gave a big smile and said “Well then pardner, we better get ready.” while he took my hand and started pulling me towards the bathroom.

I was finally awake enough to realize that in spite of having had way too much to drink the night before, I was still fully dressed in my work clothes which gave me a better feeling about what might have happened with Rowdy.

Rowdy. I thought to myself.  Why not Bryan?  It’s a perfectly fine name.

As I stepped into the bathroom, Bryan reached up and started unbuttoning shirt and slid it off my shoulders.  It hit the floor behind me and my inner neat-freak was quickly silenced by the realization that he was taking off my pants.  What’s he planning on doing?

It wasn’t long until I found out.  I was left standing in my socks and boxers as Bryan fiddled with the shower to get a comfortable temperature.  I could tell he was taking inventory of what was in the shower but was entranced watching his muscles flex and move as he adjusted the shower.

He stepped into the far end of the shower and then his hand reached out and dropped his boxers onto the floor.  He kept the curtain in front of him but still reached out to pull me into the shower.  I was about to step in when he stopped me and pointed to my socks.  I pulled them off and then he gently pulled my boxers down.

“Let’s get you cleaned up pardner.  You deserve a great day today.” was all he said as he pulled me into the shower.  He grabbed my pouf and body wash.

He said what was I thinking, “You ready?”

I let him guide me into the water and turn me around so that I was wet all over.  Before I could catch up to what was happening, he was washing my hair with soft strong motions.  The pouf came out and he was firmly but gently scrubbing me clean.  One hand scrubbing and the other never left my body, used as a brace and support while he scrubbed.

It became obvious as he started that this wasn’t a ‘get clean and get out shower’.  My hangover was starting to lessen its grip a little by the time he had gotten down to my calves and feet.  I wasn’t aware of the time or how long we’d been in the shower.  I was melting right into the water.

Bryan averted his eyes and turned me around to rinse my backside.  I’d never experienced anything like this before in my life.  The few times I’d dated had been a few dates and nothing more.  No relationships came of it and random hookups at a bar usually didn’t go like this.

Bryan got the pouf ready for the front side and started working at my shoulders and worked his way down my torso.  It wasn’t until he started washing my abs that I realized that an erection was imminent.  I forced myself to think about work which managed to avoid embarrassment.  My front side was clean and rinsed along with my hair.  I started to step out when Bryan stopped me.

He put a small amount of the body was into his hand and knelt down in front of me, slowly and carefully washing my balls by hand.  The sudsy water was balanced by the rough skin of his hands.

I couldn’t hold myself back once he started washing the shaft and head with firm methodic strokes.  Within seconds, my seven inches was fully erect and throbbing in his hand.  I looked down briefly and saw Bryan completely engrossed in his work.  He turned me around and rinsed again so that there was no soap residue left behind.

Stepping towards the shower curtain, I started to step out and then realized I should return the favor.

“Ready for yours Bryan?” I asked as he shook his head no.

“I don’t shower that often.  If I do, it causes problems with my skin turning red and breaking open.” he said with a smile.

I didn’t realize how visible my disappointment was that I wasn’t going to get to return the favor.

“Shawn, I don’t expect things like that.  I’m a rough farmboy who enjoys giving pleasure to the people I meet.”

I felt my face scrunch up as I thought about what he said, “Bryan, you meet up with people and give them pleasure but you told me that we were going on a date today.”

Bryan got a wounded look on his face, “Pleasure is not often sexual.  Do something nice for someone, give them a compliment, make them feel special for just a moment. That’s what we all should do for each other.”

“Bryan, I’m sorry, I just assumed…” and I was cut off as Bryan leaned up to the end of his tiptoes to plant a kiss on my mouth to silence me.

“C’mon Mr Worries-Too-Much, we’re off for a date.  Not the cheap sleazy type you think I’d take someone on.  It’s rare that someone captures my attention like you have.”

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