To Be Determined – Part 7

With the ice broken and a pending second date on the way, Bryan and Shawn finally traded contact information.  Aaron finished up the last of his lunch and made a passing excuse about having to run errands to leave Bryan and Shawn alone.

They talked for a while and then Bryan had to get back to work so he could be ready to take over the evening shift.

Shawn got up and paid for his lunch and headed home to get his work done before he came back to have dinner. I know where Bryan will be.

Bryan had settled back into his inventory, though the huge smile that was plastered across his face showed his unbridled joy. The inventory went quick and Janice, the day shift bartender, couldn’t help but give Bryan trouble about how happy he was.

Janice finally had a few minutes and Bryan was sitting at the end of the bar nursing a lemon water.

“You know what it is Bryan. I realized the reason I’m giving you so much trouble is because I’m jealous. You are so happy.  I have been looking for someone for years and haven’t found anyone.  You weren’t even looking and you find your Mr. Right sitting at the bar in front of you.” she stopped for a moment. “Bryan, he better treat you good.  If he doesn’t, this mama bear is gonna tear him apart.”

“Now Jan, it’s okay. I’m a big boy and I can take care of myself.” Bryan said with a smile and a sigh, knowing that whatever he said, Jan would be watching out for him.

“I know Bryan, but you’ve also not been on a date in how long?  You just spontaneously picked a guy from the bar and went on a whirlwind date with him. I dunno just how smart of an idea that was.”

“Jan, I know. I’ve already thought about all that but I can’t get him out of my mind. I still have my doubts about how it’s all going to just fall apart like a bad dream. He told me that he’s never been on a date. He only lets himself hookup with guys when he can make the time for it.”  Bryan said, the smile fading from his face.

“Bryan, I know you are a big boy and you can take care of yourself, but be careful. I don’t like the sound of this guy. He seems like he’s only drive in life is himself.”

“Mom, enough” Bryan said with a laugh, which got Jan to laugh as well, “You know when you meet someone, there’s that ‘wow’ that can happen. That’s what I felt with Shawn.  The moment I made eye contact with him, I got weak in the knees.”

Jan giggled, “Yeah, then ya put your boots up on his shoulders.”

“Actually, no.  the first night, I took him home because he was too drunk to drive.  I didn’t try anything with him.  The only thing I took off was my boots…and my pants…” Bryan blushed, “and my shirt.  I kept my undershirt and boxers on.”

“Well now!” Jan said with a salacious grin.

“Yeah yeah, nothing like that happened.  The most that happened was a kiss goodnight after our day long date.” Bryan said with smile, knowing he’d left the details of the shower for two out. He didn’t want to catch any more hell from Jan about things.

Jan gave him a smile and a knowing wink, no matter what Bryan told her, she ‘knew’ what had likely happened.

Meanwhile, Shawn was sitting at home with his work spread out across his desk. He made quick work of looking over all the streetscape changes that the client had wanted and the engineers had worked into the plans for the construction.

Shawn briefly thought about going into the office where he could focus better on work but realized that he’d be farther away from Bryan and he’d have to stop by there to get dinner which was somewhat out of the way. He’s totally worth going out of the way for but why go to the office if I don’t have to!

Shawn set himself back to working and before long he had adapted all the changes, sent confirmations to the engineers and the client, and had reworked the contract plans to keep it all within budget.  As he finished up the budget, he realized that it was starting to get dark.  He looked at his watch and saw that it was almost 8pm.  Quickly packing up all his work, Shawn got ready for the next morning’s commute back into the office.  Suddenly, his job didn’t seem quite as interesting.

He headed down to meet up with Bryan.  He saddled up to the bar and waited for Bryan to notice him. It didn’t take long for Bryan to notice him and he was down the bar in a flash to see if he wanted something to drink.

“Just an iced tea. I gotta work in the morning.  Can I get a french dip with fries too?”

Bryan smiled, “Making it easy on me tonight are you Shawn?”

“Yeah, I got all my work done and realized it was almost 8pm.  I needed to grab dinner and see you before bed.”

“You know there is a solution for that.” Bryan said with a mischievous look.

“Don’t hand me that old line…” Shawn paused for a moment, “So, what time are you done with work?” Shawn said with a smile, realizing what Bryan was suggesting.

“Probably midnight.  We close at 11 and then I have to clean up the place.”

“Kinda late don’t you think?”

“You can go to work tired but refreshed right?”

Shawn let out a laugh, “Oh yeah I can.”

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