To Be Determined – Part 8

Shawn slowly woke up to Bryan going down on him and a low throaty moan escaped from his mouth.

“How the heck are ya this morning?” Bryan said as he paused for a moment.

“Mmmm…pretty good.  What time is it?” Shawn asked as he looked over at his alarm clock, “5:48”.  A bit early, but I’m not gonna complain a bit!

Bryan drew in his breath for a bit more suction and buried his nose in Shawn’s pubes, eliciting another loud moan from Shawn.

Shawn closed his eyes and relaxed, taking in the sensations rushing through his body.

Bryan reached up and took Shawn’s pecs into his hands and squeezed firmly. Not as firm as I’d like, but mmmhmmm…

It had been several months since Shawn had hooked up with someone and the interlude two nights earlier had only reinforced his need for sex. He just hadn’t expected anything like this.

A one night stand, a trick, or whatever you wanted to call it.  He hadn’t expected the instant chemistry and the feelings he was developing towards Bryan.

Bryan was enjoying it all but still had the lingering fear of the last time he was in a position like this. The click of the door followed by the gasp of the wife walking in. Well, I’ve not seen any evidence of a wife so far. Although he was very happily engaged in trying to drain Shawn’s balls and his motivation to go to work, his curiosity got the better of him.

“You aren’t married are you Shawn?” came the unexpected question bursting forth like a fart in church.  Yeah, it was a relief but the shame.

Shawn was snapped out the bliss he was in and sat up. Looking down at Bryan, he snarled a “No” and in a calmer voice, “nor do I think I ever will be.”

Bryan relaxed at the lack of a wife, then dropped as the thought of Shawn never getting married. Yeah, I messed around in rodeo but I want a soulmate, a life partner and fellow mischief maker.

Shawn continued, “Bryan, it’s not like that. I’ve just been so plugged into my work and well, just random hookups don’t make for great times finding a long-term partner.”

Bryan let himself relax. Okay, this isn’t a weekend romp. I don’t think.

Shawn reached over and picked up his phone, flipped through his contacts, and tapped the screen.

“Morning Julie, it’s Shawn from Project Management.  What’s my schedule look like today? I’m under the weather from something I ate over the weekend.”

Julie listed off a couple of minor meetings but there was nothing else on his calendar.

“Thanks Julie, I’ll upload the updated plans I have for the project and e-mail the team when they are sent.” Shawn said somewhat muttered and added a dry heave noise at the end of it for added realism.

He hung up the phone with a big smile and Bryan kissed this tip of his penis.

“So, do we want to get out of bed this morning?” Bryan asked with a smile.

“Nah, I don’t think I do.” Shawn said as he summoned up all of his energy. In an all-or-nothing move, he lunged for Bryan and flipped him over, landing on top of him.

“Now Rowdy, I think we should have some fun.  But I think we should talk first.  A serious talk.”

Bryan’s body lost its tension and he went limp against the bed. Here it is. The end. But he called me Rowdy?!

Shawn rolled off of Bryan and turned to face him.

“Bryan, you have me thinking about things I’d never let myself think about before much less thought I’d be feeling. Yesterday, at lunch, Aaron couldn’t stop talking about you and I realized that I was jealous and I just wanted him to stop looking at you and thinking about you like that.”

Bryan smiled as he turned to face Shawn. “I…” was all he was able to say before Shawn kissed him firmly on the lips.

Shawn pulled away leaving Bryan somewhat dumbstruck from the unexpected kiss and the passion that was in it.

“Bryan, I’ve never dated anyone, never been in a relationship, and really never saw the same guy twice in a row.” Shawn paused and Bryan’s happiness faded from his face. “Don’t read too much into that Bryan. Just because I’ve never done it, doesn’t mean I won’t do it.  I just … don’t know how.” Shawn’s strong tone trailed off as he opened up his heart to Bryan.

“Shawn, I’ve not been with anyone in ten years, since I left Wyoming. I just felt too scared and too ashamed of what had happened back there. I never thought I’d find someone who’d make me want to break through that fence. I’d seen so many happy couples while bartending and also the same number of miserable dumped people drinking themselves numb.”

“Yeah, so…” Shawn’s response was interrupted by the scruff of Bryan’s face returning the kiss and a slight slip of the tongue into his mouth.  The kiss seemed to last for hours but was only a few minutes.

Both started to speak at the same time, “I think..” causing both of them to laugh.

“Shawn, I think we’re both in the same position here. We both want something but we don’t know how to get it. So…”

“Why don’t we find it together?” Shawn finished the thought.

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