To Be Determined – Part 9

The day had started much earlier with sweaty toe-curling sex that had left Shawn spent, laying in a puddle of his own sweat, Bryan’s rough-riding wearing him down to exhaustion.  Shawn had never felt anything like it.  Raw passionate sex but yet Bryan was concerned about his enjoyment and actually listened to him.  Bryan had started out in his normal caring ‘making love’ ways but something about Shawn had brought out the animalistic carnal urges that he had been repressing so long…

They had passed out with their sweaty bodies pressed together, still in the state of passion that had ended with Shawn covered with his own release and feeling Bryan’s within him.

Bryan woke first, momentarily startled. He wasn’t in his bed or his house. He rolled over and saw Shawn laying there still asleep and felt waves of emotions crash over him. He’d not let himself think about dating, much less having a relationship. Yet, here he was with Shawn. Shawn had stolen his heart and he hadn’t realized it. They had fucked like animals and the room smelled like it.

Shawn woke up when Bryan rolled over and opened his eyes to see him looking at him. “You work today Bryan?” Shawn asked quietly, realizing that he was a sticky sweat-soaked mess.

“No. Did you wanna do something?”

“Well, I screwed up last night and packed up for the workweek too soon.  I thought it was getting dark and saw it was 8pm.  No, it had been dark for a couple of hours.  It was glare from somewhere making it look brighter outside.  It’s Thanksgiving this week.  Would you like to meet the homeless homos I make a spread for?”

“Homeless homos?” Bryan asked a bit perplexed. “He feeds the homeless?! Wow!” he thought to himself.

“Yeah, it’s a yearly thing I do where any of my friends who can’t make it home for Thanksgiving are welcome here to spend time with people and not be stuck home alone.”

Bryan smiled, “I thought you meant literal homeless people but either one is a great thing. Do you need help with cooking or setting up?”

“I could use some help in the kitchen.  What’s your specialty?”

“Well, I dunno if I’d call it a speciality, but I think my cheesy bacon ranch mashed potatoes are amazing.  My family loved them too…when I lived at home…” Bryan trailed off with obvious sadness in his eyes.

Shawn quickly leaned in to kiss him. “You think you can whip up a batch to feed at least a dozen people?”

“Yeah, easy.  I just need to get to the store and make sure I have all the stuff I need to make them.”

“I know you’ve never seen me eat anywhere but Jeff’s but I do cook well. It’s just pointless when you are alone and don’t entertain much.”

“True Shawn. Maybe we’ll have to change that.” Bryan said with a wink.

A small chuckle escaped Shawn, “Yeah, I’ve got you now don’t I?”

Bryan paused for a moment and looked at Shawn, his stomach churning and his heart in his throat. Time froze for Bryan and the few seconds that passed seemed like a century.  He struggled to say “Yes.” but could only bring himself to tackle-kiss Shawn and pin him to the bed.

The kiss lasted a few minutes until Bryan had to stop and breath.

Neither spoke, but the look that passed between them said all that needed to be said.  They were on a journey together for better or for worse.

“You know, we should get cleaned up and go to the store now to avoid the crush of people later in the week.” Shawn said meekly, embarrassed for his current state and yet he was turned on by the dull ache that reminded him of how he and Bryan had finally connected and became one.

I know why he’s called Rowdy, that’s for sure!” Shawn thought to himself as he slid out of bed and made a mental note that as soon as they got back, he was going to have strip the linens and wash them twice.

Shawn had just slipped into the shower and was thankful he’s spent the money to upgrade his shower to a jet-spray shower.  It seemed to hit him from everywhere all at once and he immediately felt a bit cleaner.  He reached for his shower gel when Bryan’s big rough hand caught his.

“Here, let me help with that.” Bryan said as his other hand pulled Shawn around to face him. Shawn went with the twist and was met with a kiss from Bryan. Their repressed lust took over again and before long Bryan had Shawn pinned against the back wall of the shower and slowly making love to him.

Both were oblivious of the challenges that the upcoming week would create: sharing a kitchen, meeting new people, and the simple act of getting to know each other and their pasts.

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