To Be Determined – Part 10

(Author note: Sorry for the long delay in picking this back up, I’ve been battling an intense medical issue that’s kept me down for a few weeks now.- Johayan)

With New Years having come and gone as well, life settled back down to normal for Shawn and Bryan.

Sitting at dinner at Ristorante Jultari, Bryan decided he needed to make a move.

“Shawn, we’ve been spending most of the last three months together. I have met your parents and they seem like me. Would you ever considering moving out of the city and living on a farm?”

Time froze for Shawn rendering him oblivious to the glob of bolognese sauce falling onto his white dress shirt and the fork loaded with spaghetti falling from his hand making a large red spider stain on the linen tablecloth.

Bryan snapped him out of his shock by reaching across the table and scooping up the sauce on his finger.  As he put it in his mouth and sucked the sauce off, he smiled and said “You are a saucy devil aren’t you?”

Shawn’s subconscious heard Bryan’s words and he started laughing.  He couldn’t stop the giggles.  Bryan’s ability to make him laugh at any moment was one of the many reasons that Shawn had found himself falling deeply in love with Bryan.  Just as suddenly as he had started giggling, Shawn unexpected passed gas.

Fanning his face and affecting the voice of a gentile southern lady, he looked Bryan right in the eyes, “Pardon my toots!” which set Bryan off into gales of laughter.

After they had both had settled down, Shawn thought back over the last couple of months since they had met.

The big Thanksgiving dinner had gone rather well and there were no major disagreements. The only issue was that the size of the kitchen caused a couple of dishes to be delayed and stretched the meal on longer than had been expected.

Now Christmas had come and gone. He been looking forward to having another big dinner, this time with his family.  He had a constant debate with himself on inviting Bryan over to meet his folks.  His parents knew he was gay and they were okay with it.  They’d wondered when he’d settle down and find someone but were starting to give up on that dream.

He also knew that Bryan wasn’t a big fan of winter or the holidays.  Winter on the ranch meant constant work making sure that the livestock had feed and water no matter the wind or snow.  Once he had moved out and hadn’t spoken to his family for a couple of years, the weather didn’t bother him as much as the loneliness of the holidays. Thanksgiving and Christmas had always been big family gatherings at the ranch.

The Christmas dinner had also gone off without any incidents.  Shawn’s parents had welcomed Bryan as if he was Shawn’s brother.  It helped to brighten Bryan’s mood and helped the holidays pass easier for him.

He also realized that he was markedly less energetic for the stretches of time when their work schedules kept them apart.

“Bryan, why don’t you show me around the farm first?  I mean, if I’m going to live there, I should see more than the bathroom and bedroom.” Shawn said this with a mischievous smile.

Bryan smiled and nodded his agreement.  Shawn hadn’t really ever seen the farm except to drive up to the house and go in…then go back out to his car and drive home. He pulled out his phone and sent a quick text to one of his farmhands to make sure that the farm was in tip-top shape as there would be visitors in the coming week.

“Shawn, it’s Tuesday.  Why don’t we plan for you to head up to the farm after work on Friday.  I’ll put you to work on the farm and let you see what I’m doing when I’m not with you.”

Shawn smiled widely, “Sounds great.  Do I get boots before then?’

“It wouldn’t hurt, but you’ll be okay without them. What size shoe do you wear?”

“11E.  Why?”

“You could always wear some of my boots, but they’d be too small for you.”

“Well, I do have hiking boots.”

“Those will work just fine.  Just make sure you wear jeans and clothes that you won’t mind getting dirty.  You will be working that hot little ass of yours off this weekend.”

Shawn’s eyebrows shot up.  “Work?  Do I get paid for it?”

Bryan smiled his mischievous smile, “Oh, you’ll get laid…errr paid for it.”

Shawn saw the smile and knew that as much as the idea of farmwork made him nervous, the pay would make it worthwhile.

They finished up their dinner in relative silence as both thought about their actions and plans for the weekend. Opening the farm up to Shawn was a huge step for Bryan.  The farm was his safe place, where he controlled his world.  While Shawn sat thinking about what he would be doing while out at the farm.  Shawn was raised in the suburbs of Chicago and only moved to Des Moines because of the job offer he got there.


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