To Be Determined – Part 18


Shawn was scheduled to be in surgery for several hours and other than the hourly status updates, there wasn’t a reason for them to stay at the hospital.  Caleb and Bryan were both exhausted both physically and mentally.

After asking the information desk, they found there was a decent hotel just down the street. They gathered up their jackets and headed back out to the truck which seemed so much more inviting now that they weren’t battling a blizzard to try and save Shawn’s life.

They looked down the street and saw the hotel.  They moved the truck to the parking lot, reserved a room for at least a week.  They left everything in the truck and headed up to their room.  Bryan looked at the bed and fell into it.  He was asleep before he landed on the bed. Caleb took a hot shower and fell into bed as well.

Bryan woke up the next morning to his phone ringing and Caleb snuggled up behind him. As he tried to get out of bed to get to his phone, Caleb tried pulling him back into bed.  Bryan pushed him back and Caleb woke up enough to realize that it was Bryan.

“My bad Bryan.  I’m sorry.” and with that Caleb was back to sleep.

Bryan answered the phone and got an update on Shawn.  The surgery had gone well and he was now in an induced coma.  His vital signs were stable and now it was a matter of recovery and seeing what issues may be been caused by the prolonged bleeding on his brain.

Bryan looked at the time and saw it was barely 8am. The critical care unit that Shawn was in only allowed visitors from 2-4pm so it wouldn’t do him any good to go back to the hospital.  Sitting in the family waiting area would just ratchet up his nerves.

“I should just take a shower, wake up Caleb and we can get his truck into the shop.” Bryan thought as he stepped into the bathroom.  Just has his pants and boxers hit the floor, Caleb wandered into the bathroom.  Bryan looked up and saw him standing there, morning wood poking out the fly of his boxers. o/~ I’m standing next to you, in silent turgidity o/~ (my apologies to Queensrÿche!) went through Bryan’s mind.

He quickly shook his head to clear the thought out of his mind but he couldn’t help but stare at the large cock in front of him.  He managed to tear himself away from staring but realized that he was quickly getting rock hard as well and jumped in the shower.

“Caleb, you wanna get cleaned up after I’m done and see if we can find a repair shop to get it into?”

“Uh…” Caleb yawned, “sure.  I’m no where near awake yet.”

“Don’t worry buddy, I’m not either. Shawn’s doing well.  He’s in a coma now to help reduce the stress on his brain. Otherwise, he’s stable.”

“Oh thank the Gods. I was surprised I could get to sleep.  Between the drive and keeping energy flowing to Shawn, I was drained but was still wide awake.  I’m not sure what time I finally fell asleep.”

Bryan let out a laugh, “I was sleep before I hit the bed.  I remember looking at one of the beds then my phone was ringing.  If I wasn’t planning on heading out to get your truck fixed, I’d just go back to bed.”

Caleb finished with his business and yawned again, “Are we in any rush today?  I think we’re gonna be down here for the long haul.”

“I know Caleb, I know. I’m holding on to hope that it won’t be that long.”

“You are always the optimist Bryan. It’s one of the things I’ve always loved about you.” Caleb said with a note of cheerfulness in his voice.

Bryan smiled to himself, “Yeah, what else do you love about me?” he asked, goading Caleb.

“Well, you are beautiful and you have a great personality.  If I hadn’t married Christopher, I’d…” Caleb trailed off realizing what he was saying while at the same time, Bryan was turning off the shower.

“Caleb, you do realize what you just said.” Bryan asked haltingly.

“Yeah Bryan, I do.  It’s also why I never call you Rowdy like everyone else.  It’s too familiar, too close considering I’m not spending my life with you.”

“Wow, this just got all kinds of weird. I mean, I’ve thought you’d make a great catch but you never seemed interested in me and after you met Christopher, I just buried the thought.”

Caleb and Bryan looked at each other and in unison said, “What about Shawn?”

Bryan started, “I don’t know. He seemed rather smitten by you and I know you are at least physically attracted to him since he kinda looks like Christopher.”

“Yeah, but only in the face, Shawn isn’t as well built.  As for personality, he’s got a temper on him, but if you’re marrying him, he has to be a good guy.”

“Yeah, he is Caleb. I never thought I’d find someone that would melt my heart like he has. In the meantime, we have to make sure that Shawn pulls through this and then we can figure out how Shawn fits into this.  Who knows, maybe we’ll just become a throuple.”

Caleb fumbled for an apology for being so forward at the wrong time.  Bryan accepted it and told Caleb to start calling around to find a garage to get the truck fixed.

Bryan started up the shower again as Caleb left the bathroom and shut the door behind him.

“Aw fuck it, I’m gonna take a hot bath and try to relax.” he said as the switched the shower to start filling the tub. ‘The one great thing about a hotel, never ending hot water’ he thought to himself as he laid down in the tub.

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