To Be Determined – Part 20

(Author Note: I’ll be going back and cleaning up the previous posts in this series.  Part 12 is especially bad as I flipped names around.)

Caleb walked into Shawn’s room to find Shawn slowly waking up and the doctor trying to explain to Shawn what was happening.  Shawn wasn’t fully understanding which didn’t surprise the doctor but the fact that Shawn understood enough to not pull on the drain in his skull was encouraging.

Bryan was sitting at the edge of the bed holding Shawn’s hand, his face a mixture of happiness that Shawn was slowly coming around but also the fear of losing Shawn and how much of a recovery Shawn would make.

Caleb was also lost in the swirl of his own thoughts.  The conversation earlier in the day had completely rearranged how he thought about Bryan and, more importantly, how he felt about Bryan.

He’d always had feelings for Bryan and working on the farm with him all the time hadn’t helped that.  Once he found Christopher, Bryan became his boss and that was the end of that. Well, except for the nights when Christopher couldn’t call home and he’d let his mind wander off to the thick muscled body of his boss.

Caleb had come to the farm when his sister Patty took the job as the farm manager.  He was still living at home, deeply closeted and both he and Patty knew it wouldn’t be long before something slipped and that would be the end of living at home.  Their parents had always been loving and had provided well for their children, but they were also deeply religious and had made it clear that they believed that GLBT people didn’t deserve a place a polite table and should go off to ‘suffer their sickness elsewhere.’

Patty had negotiated Caleb living and working on the farm as part of her getting hired.  She didn’t know that Bryan was gay and didn’t bring up that Caleb was gay.  It wasn’t long before she realized that Caleb was in good hands here on the farm. Time went on and Patty could tell that Caleb had developed a crush on Bryan.

After Caleb graduated, he started at the local junior college and had been planning on transferring to Iowa State to get his degree in farm management and livestock husbandry.  He’d done quite well in school and transferred to Iowa State with his 2-year degree after a year and two sessions of summer school.

A couple of months after starting at Iowa State, Caleb got up the nerve to go to a campus LGBT meeting. He had not idea what to expect but he found that most of the guys attending the group were stereotypical and fairly effeminate.  He was just about to leave when one of the guys started flirting with him.  He finally managed to get away and was about to walk about the door when a tall uniformed soldier came walking in the door.  Caleb looked at the name patch “Holmquist” and then he looked up at the soldier’s face and stopped.

A deep voice with a touch of gruffness asked if this was the LGBT meeting.

Caleb said it was and prepared himself for some sort of incident but still stuck out his hand and introduced himself.

“I’m Christopher.  I wasn’t sure what to expect but I’m tired of being alone and spending all my time with my battalion.” Christopher said with a bit of a smirk, “Anything interesting going on here?  You look like you were just about head to head out.”

“Yeah, I was just checking it out.  I’ve never met another gay guy, well, if I did, I didn’t know he was gay.”

Christopher smiled, “Well you have now. I really shouldn’t be here in uniform. I can get into serious trouble being in uniform in some places.  You still thinking about heading out?”

“Yeah,” Caleb blushed, “Even as a farm boy I’m expected to be effeminate and dress like it too.  Not really my thing. I’m comfortable in the Carhartts and boots.”

“Yeah? Well, I dunno about you but…” Christopher trailed off for a second, “Caleb, you wanna go grab a bite to eat and talk more?”

Caleb’s blush went from red to deep purple. “I, uh…”

Christopher’s smile faded, “I didn’t mean anything more than that. Just a burger and maybe a beer.”

“I’s just…I’ve never been asked out before.” Caleb stammered.

“Well then, it’s gone well for both of us as I’ve never asked a guy out before. Always been to scared to go after anyone.”

Both of them let out a laugh of relief at the same time and turned to head out the door.

As they walked out of the student union, Christopher turned to him and asked if they could stop by his dorm. Caleb said it wouldn’t be a problem but had to pick up his pace to keep up with the soldier walking in front of him.

After a good twenty minutes, they arrived at the dorm and went up to Christopher’s room.  The door wasn’t even shut behind them when Christopher started methodically taking off his uniform.  Caleb backed up against the door and watched the show that was unfolding before him.  Before long, Christopher was standing there naked and started hanging up his uniform.

Christopher turned around to start getting regular clothes to put on and saw Caleb standing there with a satisfied smile on his face and an obvious lump in his pants.

“Well, I’m glad you like what you see.”

“How could I not?  You are a beautiful man with an excellent body.”

“Well,” Christopher said with a smile, “Your happiness is obvious!” and then let out a laugh.

It was then that Caleb realized that he was more than just aroused, he was rock hard and actually…he looked down in a panic to see a growing dark spot in his jeans.

“Oh my god.  I should really go now.  I’m sorry Christopher.” Caleb said as he fumbled the door open and escaped to the hallway.

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