To Be Determined – Part 21

Caleb was quickly returned to the here and now as Shawn reached out to him and motioned him to sit down. As he sat down, his emotions kept swirling. He was overjoyed that things seemed to be going so well for Shawn and see Bryan so happy, yet he was also torn in his love for Bryan and his lust for Shawn.

Shawn reached out a hand and motioned him closer.  Bryan turned to Caleb and smiled, indicating that he should sit closer to Shawn. As he scooted closer, Shawn took his hand and squeezed it just as he was squeezing Bryan’s hand.

Bryan got a bemused smile on his face.  Caleb was unsure what to think of it all.  Had Bryan told Shawn about his feelings? Did Shawn realize how much he lusted for him? He and Bryan had cleared the air but Caleb felt even more confused.

When the neurologist satisfied and left the room for a while, an uncomfortable silence settled over the room. Shawn was struggling to understand what had happened.  The last thing he remembered was getting out to Bryan’s farm…then he was in the hospital. Bryan and Caleb kept giving each other knowing looks, but what they knew, he didn’t know.

Shawn tried to speak and found that he could although he sounded as if he was speaking slowly.

“Bryan, are you guys okay?  How long have I been here?”

“It’s been a day and a half now Shawn. We weren’t leaving until you get out.  We can’t get back to the house anyway with the blizzard and Caleb’s truck didn’t make the trip all that well.”

“Oh.” Shawn said quietly, “Did we finish cleaning up the barn?”

Bryan stopped for a moment, realizing where Shawn’s memory of the night might have ended.  He gave a glance at Caleb who nodded in agreement with the shared insight. Bryan had a huge internal sigh of relief that Shawn likely wouldn’t remember what led up to his fall and what had happened at dinner.

Bryan wasn’t able to stifle the laugh remembering Shawn’s reaction to the cattle barn. “Well babe, you were okay until you walked into the first stall and saw, as you put it, liquid beef shit.”

Shawn smiled a bit, “Sounds like something I would have said.  You know it’s really weird knowing that you’ve lost almost two days of your life and you can’t remember them.”

Caleb answered first, “I bet!  Yes Sean, we had dinner.  We were about to have dessert when you fainted and hit the floor. You really know how to crash a marriage proposal!”

Shawn turned red and stammered out, “I hope I said … well…” he said as he looked between Bryan and Caleb, “I mean…”

Caleb cut him off, no time like the present, “Shawn, it’s okay if you are attracted to both of us.”

Bryan’s head snapped around but he couldn’t find it in himself to scold him.  It was something they’d talked about but he wasn’t expecting Caleb to broach the subject.

Bryan turned to Shawn, “I’ll just put it all out there.  While you were in the coma, Caleb told me that he had been in love with me for years but that seeing you and your resemblance to to Christopher…and knowing that I had chosen you…” Bryan trailed off.  He wants us both but doesn’t want to come between us.” Bryan gushed forth in spite of trying to keep it calm and measured.

“Shawn, I wouldn’t want to come between the two of you. It was a deep conversation while you were in the coma and we didn’t know…”

Shawn looked at them both, “Did you have the buttsex?”

Both exclaimed “NO!” in unison.

Shawn turned a bit red, “That’s good.  I want to be there when that happens.” and he tried to wiggle his eyebrows but they got stuck up in a look of surprise more than a salacious wiggle.

Caleb turned a deep shade of crimson and Bryan let out a laugh, “That’s my Shawn.”

Shawn smiled and squeezed both their hands, “I don’t know who long I’ll be here or what all is wrong with me but it helps knowing that you are both here for me.”

Shawn and Caleb looked at each other and then both felt the stress rush out of their bodies.

“Now there’s one big problem with all of this.” Shawn said as he sat up a bit more. “The three of us together will raise some eyebrows if that’s what happens.”

Caleb giggled, “Yeah, no kidding. I have no idea what Patty will say.”

Bryan looked at Shawn then at Caleb, “Yes you do.  She knows all of us better than we know ourselves.”

Shawn looked at them both, “Who’s Patty?”

Bryan and Caleb looked at each other. Bryan’s thoughts raced, “How much does he remember and what does he remember? He remembers Caleb well enough but no idea who Patty is?!

Caleb answered, “Patty is my sister.  She runs the farm and is the reason that I have a job and a place to live.  My parents…” Bryan reached over and squeezed his shoulder to comfort him.

“Not now Caleb. There’s plenty of time for that.” Bryan said as he turned to Shawn, “Patty is my farm manager.  She runs the operations during the day, making sure that the chores get done and all that. She’s also a damn good cook and feeds the crew as well.  I’m the owner and overall manager deciding on what crops and livestock we raise, sell, and all that.”

Shawn brightened, “Okay. There might be something I can do on the farm then.”

Caleb and Bryan both let out a laugh.

Caleb thought to himself, “Oh, there’s lots of things you’ll be doing. I’ll make sure of that.

Bryan’s thoughts were just as basal as a smile spread across his face, “Caleb…Shawn.  I love you both and I want you both in my life.”

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