To Be Determined – Part 22

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Three weeks had passed since Shawn’s head injury and seemed to be fully
recovered except for the memory gap around the time of his fall.  He still couldn’t remember from just after he’d met Patty and Caleb to waking up in the hospital after the surgery to put in the drain in his head.

Shawn had only been out of the hospital for a week and was recuperating at
Bryan’s farm so that he had constant supervision in the event something else happened. The neurologists were confident that Shawn was out of danger but Bryan and Caleb weren’t.

It was fortuitous timing for Shawn as the weather had warmed and the first thaw of the coming spring had started cutting into the deep layer of snow across the farm.  He and Bryan had taken to walking along the 3 River Bike Trail to Eagle Grove.  It was a brisk five and a half mile walk from the farmhouse to the Family Table restaurant in Eagle Grove. The fresh air and the quiet time with Bryan seemed to help as much as anything. The days he did the walk with Caleb, it wasn’t the same for Shawn.  He could share anything with Bryan and they had their history but he was still getting to know Caleb and that led to occasional silent gaps in the conversation where neither man know just how to restart to the conversation.

Shawn was on extended leave from work but found himself missing it.  It would be another week before he went back to the neurologist and underwent another series of exams to determine if he could return to work.  He was hoping he’d be able to go back to work soon.  He was getting bored with just laying around and the walks to Eagle Grove.
The only thing he was more ready for was the return of warm weather.

It was the weekend again and Shawn woke up from a nap and found Caleb and Bryan sleeping on either side of him.  He reached forward and rubbed Caleb’s fuzzy abdomen while simultaneously pushing back and Bryan’s quickly stiffening manliness.

Caleb responded by rolling over and giving him a passionate kiss and Bryan reached over them both pulling Caleb closer, squeezing Shawn in a man sandwich.  Bryan managed to find some lube and applied it to his now hard cock and slipped it into Shawn’s crack eliciting a moan of pleasure.  Caleb’s smile turned to a smirk as he continued making out with Shawn but reached down to start slowly stroking him. The
seconds of pleasure stretched into minutes and into hours.  It wasn’t until late evening had rolled around and Patty pounded on the door for dinner that their bliss came to and end.

After dinner, they retired out to the hot tub.  Caleb broached the subject that had been the white elephant in the room for the last few weeks.

“Shawn…Bryan…it’s been a week since Shawn came home and we’ve been taking care of
Shawn.  More importantly, it’s been almost two weeks since we decided to see if things worked as a throuple.”

Bryan picked up the conversation, “Yeah it has Caleb and it’s been interesting for me.  I’ve always thought of myself as a one man kind of guy.  There are things about both of you that I love and adore.”

They both turned to look at Shawn who tried to slip down in the water.

”Oh no you don’t!” Caleb said as he pulled Shawn back up to one of the benches in the hot tub.

Shawn blushed and didn’t say anything, grateful that the water was hiding his rock hard erection.

“Well Shawn, what about it.”

Shawn tried to hide a smirk but failed, “Honestly, it was kinda…no, really weird. The idea of being in a relationship is something I’ve been struggling with since I met Bryan. I’d not dated anyone much less …” Shawn paused for a moment, “You know, I could try to explain it all but we’ll be frozen out here if I try.  Bryan, I love you and I am so happy to have you in my life.  Caleb, I don’t know how to explain you. I met you by accident and I look like your late husband. I didn’t expect to warm up to you much less find myself falling in love with you as well.”

Shawn stopped to wipe away tears, “Caleb, I can’t say ‘thank you’ enough for what you did the night of my accident.  Driving through a blizzard, sacrificing your truck…for someone you’d just barely met.”

Caleb started to stay something but instead just opened and closed his mouth repeatedly.  He looked over at Bryan who was doing the same.

“You didn’t have to do that for me or anyone else for that matter. From what Patty said, you were out getting the truck ready and warming it up before Bryan was off the phone.”

Shawn stopped, too choked up to continue.

Bryan and Caleb reached out and scooted together with Shawn in the middle. The group hug would last for a while before they spread back out so they could see each other while continuing to talk.  By the time they realized what time it was, it was midnight and they’d come to realize that they were actually on the road to a strong stable relationship: Caleb, Bryan, and Shawn.

They didn’t even bother with how they’d explain it to their neighbors,
in town, or anywhere else. They didn’t care how they felt. They had
love and that was enough for them.

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