The Second Coming – Part 1



Author’s Note: My apologies for a short opening flash to this series.  I’ve been dealing with a minor but extremely painful medical issue the past week up to today.  Prescription painkillers for me == not writing.  The added weight of the tragedy in Orlando is heavy on my mind.  I can’t be happy and celebratory right now.

Derek had been regular on the club scene long enough to know the regulars and who
was fresh meat. He’d not seen Josiah around before and he wanted to be the first to have him.  He turned on his prime seduction skills and before long, he’d talked him into going back to his place.

As Derek unlocked the door, he turned to Josiah and asked if he had any condoms.  He
didn’t nor did Josiah.  “No matter, I’m gonna fuck him silly anyway!” Derek thought to himself.

Derek was a relatively tall, pale skinned guy who didn’t go out often.  He had
long flowing red hair and the remnants of a belly.  Living on support didn’t allow him to have much food, so he had lost quite a bit of weight. He was still young but life had taken its toll on his appearance.  Dark sunken eyes and slightly sunken cheeks belied the
turbulence of his life and his eyes belied a depth of knowledge beyond his years.

Josiah was tall and lithe, long sandy brown hair that reached down almost to his waist
which combined with his permanent scruff earned him the nickname ‘Hippie’ which somewhat fit his carefree lifestyle.  He was one of those people who just let the world roll off his back and often was heard to say “What will be, will be…man.”

But in his lust-crazed state, he’d forgotten to tell Josiah two very important
facts: that he was HIV-positive and he was not on any medications for
it. Fucking would be an extreme risk for Josiah.

The other less pressing issue was the front windows of the trailer were wide open as
were the curtains.

There would be one helluva show tonight in the Pine Pointe trailer park tonight.

It wasn’t long
until they were both naked and a writhing mass of arms and legs
sprawled on the couch.

They started out making out and pawing at each other before Josiah slipped down and
started sucking on Derek’s massive cock. Josiah went down and took Derek’s cock down to the balls, choking a bit but mastering the angle to push him into ecstasy.  Derek didn’t need to be encouraged to return the favor and they were sliding off the couch in a loud and sloppy “69”.

A loud “oomph” and a thud marked their fall to the floor.  A quick reposition back
on the couch didn’t last long as Derek slid down a bit and moaned “Oh yeah dude, tongue punch my fart box!”.

Josiah couldn’t contain the giggles that erupted from hearing a gruff trailer park
dweller moaning something like ‘tongue punch my fart box!’ but that’s just what Josiah did.  He reached up and grabbed the hips in front of him and sat Derek down on his face and began rimming his hole, getting him opened up for what would soon follow if Josiah had his way.

Unfortunately for them, a small crowd had gathered in front of the trailer and the
chorus of giggles and laughter distracted them and they looked up to see the small crowd smiling and laughing.  The curtains were wide open and the lights were on creating quite the show for those who happened to be passing by the trailer.

As quickly as they could, they jumped around the corner and into the dingy bedroom.

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