Nova Komenco – Part 2

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The launch had gone smoothly and they were on their way.  Now in outer space, it was time to put them into stasis for the trip.  As he laid down in his stasis pod, he thought he smelled lilacs. That’s impossi…

Obsidian opened his eyes again to see a naked man standing over him.  He
couldn’t control his eyebrows and they arched up.

“Hello 7-058. Obsidian Skye Taylor.  You are currently in the Cygnus system en route to Kepler-452b.  At this time, you are currently 430 parsecs from your home planet.  We should arrive in approximately six earth hours.”

As Obsidian listened to the information, he realized that the ‘man’ standing in front of him was a robot.

“Uhm, thank you.  The mission schedule called for us to be brought out of stasis approximately three months before arriving in the Orion Nebula.  Why are we in the Kepler system?”  Obsidian asked overwhelmed by information that the robot had given him.

“7-058, there will be a mission briefing in 30 earth minutes in the boardroom.  Please dress yourself comfortably and present yourself in the boardroom at that time. I have no further information at this time.”

Yup, that’s definitely a robot.  That still doesn’t explain where we are, why
we are being brought out of stasis so late in the mission.

“Could you show me the way to my quarters where my clothing and personal
effects are stored?” Obsidian asked as he slowly stood up.

“7-058, you are in your quarters.  You have been in stasis for 127 earth

“127 earth days. And we have traveled 430 parsecs? That’s 3.38 parsecs per day.  We were told we’d been in stasis for almost 150 years due to the speed to travel.” Obsidian paused, “I’m sure you have no further information.”

“7-058, you are correct. I am Maponus, a health maintenance appliance. I was charged with your survival during the voyage from your home planet to the Kepler system.”

“Thank you Maponus.  I’ll get dressed and make my way to the boardroom.”

“Very well 7-058.” and with a small chime, Maponus disappeared.

A virtual doctor?
What else are they going to surprise us with?

Obsidian stood up and felt the artificial gravity trying to drag him down to the floor. Stasis kept you alive and in good shape but it didn’t keep your body and mind working together for advanced things such as standing or walking.

He opened up the bin that was labeled “Personal Effects” and found all of his clothes were there, neatly folded and put away.  He wasn’t sure if he should be thanking Maponus or if there was another robotic assistant that did the housekeeping while they were in transit.

Therewas a small printout laying on top of his clothes advising him that the meeting in the boardroom would be casual and that appetizers and beverages would be provided.

It would be rather odd to wake up the 42 of us on the ship and then not have sustenance for us.

A quick rummage through the clothing found his favorite pair of jeans and a t-shirt from the rock band noktomezo. He took a few steps and after assuring himself that he did indeed have his legs back under him stepped out of room that had been his home for the
last 128 days and out into the hallway.

Thankful for the directory signs that were posted at each hallway junction, he made his way to the Boardroom.  As he approached, he realized that he didn’t recognize anyone.  Memory lapse from stasis or not?

He entered the boardroom and found a large spread of food put out for him and his fellow travelers. Looking around, he still wasn’t able to find anyone that he recognized. He walked up to the food table and gathered up some fresh fruit and also some juice to drink. He did remember that the first few meals after stasis should be small simple
meals to allow the body to get back into the rhythms of eating and digesting properly.

As he sat down, he got an uneasy feeling that he couldn’t explain right away.  It was like an intuition that something was wrong but he had no way of knowing what it was. It’s most likely remnant effects of the various chemicals they use for stasis.

Before long, there were 42 groggy members of the ship sitting in the boardroom and three uniformed officers at the front of the room.

One of the officers, a female, stepped up to the podium and began to

“I’m Commandant Kevlin.  Thank you all for assembling so quickly after stasis.  Please feel free to eat, drink, and mingle with your fellow pioneers.  We will start the debriefing in 30 minutes.”

The officers sat down and began eating and discussing a stack of papers on the table in front of them.

Obsidian found himself lost in his thoughts. Why would the officers need a stack of paperwork for a debriefing?  Wouldn’t everything be in the ship’s computer?  Why are we in the Kepler system when we were trained and prepped to explore the Orion Nebula?  Did something happen on the way?

He let out a sigh and tried to calm his racing mind.  What ever was happening, there was no going back now.  He was almost 1400 light-years from home.

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