Novo Komenco – Part 3

(Author Note: One more short week. There’s a bombshell coming and I needed to figure out how to attack it.)

Obsidian turned to the person sitting on his right, “What’s thirty more
minutes right?”

“What did you just say?” snarled the person.

“I just said that thirty more minutes shouldn’t be a problem since we’ve been in
stasis for how long now?” Obsidian said a bit sheepishly.

“Whatever. Why don’t you go play hide and go fuck yourself?” the voice growled
aggressively.  Obsidian looked at the name patch on his uniform, “Werner, J” and made a note of it.

What a crab-ass.

Obsidian thought to himself as he got up for more fruit.

As he filled his plate, he looked around again for someone who might be more interesting to speak to but before he could scan the entire group, two guards burst into the room and grabbed the crab-ass and were hauling him out of the room.

Before he could stop himself, he yelled out “I think there’s been a mistake made here!”

The guards stopped momentarily and turned to Obsidian, “You should just
sit down, have some food, and wait for the meeting.  They’ll likel explain this then.”

Obsidian sat down in the closest chair as the two guards pulled the crab-ass out. There was no noise from outside the room.  He sat quietly but didn’t like the bad taste in his mouth from the episode.  We’re all explorers here to find other worlds so why would they take him away?  And, after all the screening and testing that we endured, why
would they let someone as angry as him on the crew?

He popped a grape into his mouth but was surprised when the green grapes
tasted like red grapes and vice versa. Was it a side effect of long-term storage or a new variety that had gone wrong.  Either way, they weren’t bad just not what he was expecting.

Rather than trying to speak to anyone else, he just sat and idly munched on
the food in front of him. Sinking his teeth into a carrot stick, everything went hazy and dark.

A voice in Obsidian’s head reminded him that of the things that stasis was known to cause was vivid flashbacks for the first day or two after being brought out of it.  But that didn’t stop the flashback of his brother’s death in a gruesome car accident.

Jet had been out with some of his friends who had been drinking and they were driving back from a night out in Peoria where he had been told not to go. Jet’s best friend, Justin Rozich, had been driving. For reasons unknown, Justin had crossed over the centerline and into the path of an oncoming tractor-trailer.

The driver of the tractor-trailer was seriously injured as he had jackknifed the rig trying to avoid the oncoming car.  The driver didn’t have enough time to swerve enough to keep the car from hitting him. The ‘68 Mustang was no match for a fully loaded grain hauler. Jet, Jonas, along with two other high school friends were killed instantly. The autopsy on Justin found traces of marijuana but no other drugs but all four had been drinking.

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