Novo Komenco – Part 4

“Hello. I’m Commandant Kevlin. Welcome aboard the Kepler Federation Ship Mercy.”

“Well, that’s why I think she said.” Obsidian thought to himself before his mind realized that she’d said Kepler Federation Ship.

A collective gasp went up from the room.

“Yes, I know.  You launched from the World Astronautical Consortium on the
Endeavour.  This is the same ship.”

Another gasp went up from the room.

“Please let me get through the opening debriefing. There will be plenty of time for questions once I am done.”

The room got quiet and the Commandant continued.

“As I said, welcome to the KFS Mercy. She was built to Keplerian specifications and tested before launch. There were 200 ships built each holding 1000 refugees and 100 crew members. The Mercy is unique as she only holds  a crew of 50 and 220 passengers. She is the ship built to bring you, the leadership of the refugees, so that they may be up to speed and ready to settle into their new world.

After this initial debrief, each of you will be taken to your own private debriefing where your new role will be laid out for you as well as a full background of the new world you will be living on and your new neighbors.  These roles are not fixed but were the suggested roles based on your psychological testing and training performance.

Now, with that out of the way, I am Commandant Kevlin and I am your liaison to the Keplarian Federation.  Your new home will be a shared planet.  Two other worlds in a situation like your own will also be resettled there as well.  You will be meeting delegations from the other two worlds shortly.

We were unaware that your government would not be telling you the truth
about your mission. They have been working with us for two hundred of
your years, apparently in secret. We had two of our spacecraft on a
reconnaissance mission in your system and heard your transmissions
about the increasing destabilization of your planet.

In cooperation with your world governments, we supplied ships and technology to create a refugee plan to transport 200,000 voluntary refugees to a newly terraformed planet in one of our stellar neighborhoods. It has been declared a no-fly zone for any spacecraft
except for official diplomatic missions and supply ships from your planet or from us.

You and the other two worlds that will be moving into your planet will be left to develop a new civilization on your own.  Our missions will help to oversee that development and to foster communication between three new entities.

Over the last 100 of your years, we have been transporting large amounts of industrial equipment, money, flora and fauna to this new world. After much consideration and discussion, your home world governments decided that your new world would be similar in area to that which you call Roosia…”

Russia.” came a quiet voice from the assembled group.

The Commandant continued, “Thank you. I will likely mispronounce many more names from your home world before this briefing is over. I apologize in advance.  The landforms were taken from southeastern Australia, the area around the Great Lakes of North America and finally from the center of Europe.  Many lakes and oceans were added to the layout of the new world. Naming the land and creating its
regional governments will be among your first jobs as the new

We will be arriving in the Kepler system shortly.” The Commandant paused and let out a sigh, “Going forward, if I mention a time or distance unit that sounds like it was from your world, it is.  You will be taught the standard systems that are used in our system but
you are encouraged to use both your own standard units and ours in parallel.  Time will likely cause the biggest issues for all involved. You will all receive watches, data pads, and other utilities to help you to adjust to our systems.

Again, we apologize for the secrecy and deception of your governments in keeping the true nature of this mission from you all.  As the leaders of the new world, Novatero, you deserved the truth from the beginning. As mentioned earlier, there are 220 passengers on board but there are only 42, errr 41, of you here.  You are the highest government officials.  You will be meeting to create the new governmental framework and policies of Novatero.”

There was a short pause that only lasted a few seconds but to those
assembled, it seemed to last an eternity.

“Once you have attended your briefings and have agreed to the job that you were selected for, you will be asked to assemble in the part that has been arranged for your use.  It has been designed to function as the governmental suite of the ship.  Aside from the navigation of the spacecraft and rules related to its operation, you will be the government of the people on the ships.

Now, one last piece of information to give you.  Through the use of teleportation technology, it is only about eight hours since you launched.  Once you were safely away from the planet, you were teleported into orbit around your new world. The other ships are here and the rest of your people are safely in stasis.  You, on this ship,
were simply sedated as if for a primitive surgery.

Now, please follow me into the stateroom for a proper meal and I will
answer questions at that time.

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