Novo Komenco – Part 5

The formal stateroom was set up for a full formal state dinner. As they got settled in,
the crew of the Mercy seemed to appear out of nowhere. Orders were quickly taken and drinks appeared on the table.

A small chamber orchestra was playing a harmony that he couldn’t quite place. The harpist had a talent that made her playing appear effortless. Her arms were in a ballet of flight in the strings and didn’t seem to pause, even between songs.

Obsidian was thankful that when he returned to his quarters, there was a perfectly pressed tuxedo waiting for him. The tailoring was obviously done specifically for him and it fit very well.

Also waiting for him in his quarters was the dossier of his new duties. A note on the dossier advised him to not open it until he had his position briefing the following day. Sitting next to the large dossier was a satchel with a datapad, He muttered to himself and knew it’d be a challenge to not open it until the next day. It wasn’t that he wouldn’t wait or that he couldn’t wait, he just didn’t want to wait. So much had changed since they had been brought out of stasis.

He looked down at the satchel that was sitting on the floor between his feet and saw the slight glow of the datapad within it. He reached down and pulled the it out of his satchel. As he rested his thumb on the base of the display, the screen came to

“Hello! Honorable Obsidian Taylor, I am Konon your virtual concierge. As you have not been briefed yet, much of my functionality is unavailable. Once you…” Konon’s voice stopped as if cut off.

Obsidian looked up and saw that most of the room was staring at him. He felt
his face flush crimson and he quickly set down the datapad. He noticed that the Commandant was giving him a stern look mixed with a wry smile.

There are just too many things going on here…he had a flash of an
old quote from his
pre-Wobble history class.

“I cannot forecast to you the actions that will
follow. It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma; but
perhaps there is a key. That key is self-interest.” – Winston

I think that was the quote but why is everything a mystery? Hopefully, the presentations during dinner and our briefings will help to clear the mystery and rumors that are starting

A gong sounded in the state room and the lights dimmed slightly as an image was projected on the wall behind the head table. As the lights continued to dim, he was able to make out what appeared to be a title slide “Leaders of Novatero”.

They’ve already set up leadership for us? Great. So much for democracy.

The Commandant stood up and moved to stand behind a podium that rose up
from the table.

“May I have your attention please?” the Commandant didn’t so much ask as demanded.

The room quickly quieted and the Commandant continued after a moment.

“We have had many discussions about how to disclose the leadership of Novatero. Should we announce the legislators first? The Executive? The Judicial? What about the Executive Cabinet? You, our guests on the Mercy, are that leadership. You have each been selected for your new position. Some of you may be surprised at your appointment but you will find a dossier of our rationale on your datapad.  If you do not have your it, please go get it and return as quickly as possible.”

A few people got up and briskly left the room and the remaining people pulled their datapad and opened them as did Obsidian.  Unlike the previous opening, his remained silent and the display was only dimly lit showing a waving flag with a constellation on it and ‘Novatero’ below it.

That flag is a disappointment. Guess it is true that you can’t always get what you
Obsidian thought to himself.

A few minutes passed and the few people who had left returned with datapads in hand.

“Don’t get settled as everyone is about to move around to your new location based on your role.” the Commandant started, “the ship’s computer will call your name and spotlight where you are to be sitting.

A soft gong sounded and the first name lit up.  The process continued for several minutes and Obsidian had to move a couple of times.  By the end of the process, he was sitting at the back of the room with a glowing holographic nameplate on the desk showing his name.

As the last two people got settled into their seats, lighting in the room reversed turning the table in the back of the room into the front of the room and it seemed to Obsidian that two of the lights were focused on him.

The last thing he heard before he passed out was “May I present to you all, the first President of Novatero. President Obsidian Skye Taylor.”

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