Like a phoenix…

It’s been too long since I posted a weekly flash or anything else.  Work has been a monster with a six week strike at 5 of our 13 locations that just ended today.

Added to that, a frozen shoulder kept me down a bit and now I’m on a new diet and medication that has me feeling much better and losing some much needed weight.

So, with everything settling back down and stress levels dropping nicely, I will be getting back to Novo Komenco (my current flash series) as well as getting back to my hockey novel (yes, it’s still alive and getting a new beginning.)

One last new story is brewing in my head.  It’s based on WhiteWolf’s World of Darkness – specifically Werewolf – The Apocalypse.  I played off and on for about a dozen years in the system in several LARP groups.  I’ve had some ideas for plot with it, so I’m going to start working on some fiction based on it.

What does this mean to all of you, my faithful(?) readers?  You should start seeing flashes appearing regularly again and likely some snippets of other things I have bouncing around in my head.

I’m open for new ideas, so is there anything you all want to see worked into a story or storyline?

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