Novo Komenco – Part 6


“President Taylor! President Taylor!” were the first words that he heard as he
recovered.  The next thing he was conscious of was his heart pounding in his ears.

He slowly pulled himself up and rested on his elbows.  He felt fine but there was a
commotion around him. “Apparently, the President of the country isn’t allowed to faint.” he thought to himself.

“I’m fine…I’m fine…step away from me. Sheesh! I just got lightheaded from the

The medi-tech who was overseeing the people around him nodded and the phalanx of people around him dispersed.

“Now, with that out of the way, shall we continue with the founding of Novatero?”
and with those words, the first government of Novatero came in to session.

They quickly passed a broad spectrum of laws that resembled more of the ideal laws from the twenty-first century:  Equality for all, prohibitions on murder, theft, and so on.  Provisions were made for how geographic subdivisions would be made and what currency would be the standard.

Much of what they had decided had been prepared and presented to them, the existing
Terran governments had prepared a full dossier of laws, policies, and expectations for the citizens of Novatero.  It was that approach that had raised the hackles of the group. They had been selected and sent to colonize a new planet but yet they were expected to just genuflect to the Terran ways.  The first mark of rebellion was selecting the
Intergalactic Space Credit (ISC) but pegging its value to the old Terran currency.  It wasn’t a full governmental framework but it was enough for society to take hold with laws and oversight.

Just after 6pm, 1800 hours – we finally use proper 24 hour time Obsidian would
have added
, they adjourned for dinner and met in the state room.  One issue came to the fore immediately, they had created a representative government with members of the Legislative to be selected by each region but no one knew where people would settle and what the first cities would be like.

As the dinner wound down, Obsidian was eager to return to his room and relax with an old text. He had a special penchant for Ancient American Political Science from before the collapse of the U.S.A. during the Kelly Sutcliffe administration of 2024. Old racial and
class divides had festered for fifty years before the Second Civil War broke out.

Obsidian’s new bodyguards led him to a different part of the ship and to the new Executive Suite.  It was a sprawling five room area with a secure office adjancent to it that adjoined his Vice-President’s suite and office.

Many of his old belongings had somehow gotten from Terra to here and it was a comfort to him.  Most impressively, his large bookshelf of ancient American books was in his study.  He took a quick look around the suite and then dismissed his security detachment.  He knew they weren’t far away, likely stationed just outside every door and a few more monitoring everything in both his and his vice-president’s
suites and offices.

He was the leader of all they would know and while somewhat terrifying was also comforting. He took off his clothes and tossed them in a pile but the bathroom door. He looked at the bathroom and realized there were no controls for anything.  Automatic sinks and toilets weren’t new but the bathtub…

Suddenly, a control panel beeped and lit up.

President Taylor, how may I assist you? – said a soothing male voice.

“Call me Obsidian when am in my quarters.”

My apologies Obsidian. – said the same voice. It was having an arousing effect on

“Draw a bath, 55 degrees of Celsius and infuse a small amount of lavender.”

Are you stressed Obsidian? I can summon a massage therapist if you would
like. – the voice sounded genuinely concerned about him.

“No need. A nice hot bath with a good book with help immensely.”

As you wish” and with that, the bathtub started to fill with hot water and the
smell of lavender infused into it.

There was no way that he would risk his reprints of The Federalist in the bathtub, but a
data pad would do the trick.

As he dipped a foot into the water, he realized that it had started flowing at the requested temperature and so hadn’t been moderated by the cool water in the system ahead of it.

“Adjust the bath temperature to 45.”

As soon as had spoken his request, the tub emptied with a sucking noise and just as quickly started to fill with fresh water.  Putting his other foot in, he found it was the right temperature.  He slid into the bath and started reading.

He was just starting to doze off then suddenly alarms starting sounding and his bodyguards were storming into his suite.

He quickly jumped up and grabbed a robe which he wrapped around himself.

“What is going on?!” he asked startled.

“President Taylor, you are needed in your office now. Current attire acceptable.” said one of his bodyguards. I do need to get to know who these people are…

He quickly made his way into his office and sat down at his desk for the
first time.

Two of the ambassadors from their home system approached his desk slowly.

“President Taylor, you are now the leader of the human race. Terra has destroyed
itself in a global nuclear war.  It was enough to cause the planet to disintegrate. Several star systems are en route to help find survivors and bring them to Novatero.”

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