Novo Komenco – Part 7

The red light above the camera turned on and looked into the camera as if he was looking into the eyes of every viewer would would see the broadcast that was

“My fellow Novateroj, I speak to you as the President of Novatero and as former
resident of Terra, or as we knew her Earth.

If you launched from Earth as part of the exploration mission then you know of Novatero and are familiar with what is happening.

If you are just seeing this, you have been rescued from the remains of
Earth and are on your way to be united with us on Novatero.

Fourteen ships were launched as part of the exploration mission that was
charged with finding a new home planet or planets for Earth citizens. After the last fourteen rockets were launched, several governments starting an escalating argument that has now sadly ended with the destruction of Earth.

A worldwide nuclear exchange occurred causing a last rushed launch of
five more ships. At this time, we do not know if the rockets were
able to clear the atmosphere and start their trip before the nuclear
explosions began.

We do know that the planetary instability that was already slowly destroying the planet was magnified during the nuclear weapons exchange.  Due to the large concentration of targets in limited areas, Earth disintegrated. All available ships are trying to reach the remains of Earth to see if any survivors remain and to confirm that the last launch of explorers was successful.

To all former citizens of Earth, I welcome you all to Novateroj in the Keplar Star System. We are the guests of the Keplari.  They have terraformed a planet for us and will be assisting us with building houses, buildings, and all of the necessities of life as we know

Once we have settled on Novatero, there will be weekly broadcasts explaining the current government and how we plan to transition to an elected government. Some things will be very different as we will have two suns and three moons in our skies now and time as we have known it no longer applies.

You will be meeting and working with the Keplari and a few other races from the star system. They will be assisting us in rebuilding our society, culture, and our race. Please, be graceful with our hosts. They have studied our history and culture but they will likely make some basic mistakes in pronunciation of names, locations, and get some of our history wrong.

Work to be calm and understanding. They will help us to rebuild our society and build it stronger and better than it was before the Wobble and it’s untimely demise.

Again, welcome to Novatero from your President. I am President Obsidian
Taylor. Thank you for watching.”

And the red light went off above the camera.

Other writers flashing this week include:

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