The Secret Sanctuary – Part 2

I sat down and started reviewing the notes on my new mystery client.
Normally, the person who has the initial contact with the new
customer takes them.  In this case, it was Kate. As I paged through the records, I saw nothing but standard massage appointments. Nothing labeled as deep tissue or
any advanced treatment modalities.  Actually, it looked like any other suburban housewife that would come in for a “selfie” day of pampering.

I looked out the window and saw it was snowing again and heavily enough that
it looked like we’d get several inches before it was done.  I didn’t really want to think about it so I turned back to the chart for “Kurt Fleming”. Regular visits every two weeks which were never missed since just after we opened.

“You know Liz, this could be a model client, it’s too clean. Appointments every two weeks, never missed an appointment, but all the treatment notes are for normal sessions.  No deep-tissue, no focus, nothing.  Even the session notes are basic, clean, nearly cookie cutter notes.”

Liz spun in her chair as she said grumpily, “Let me take a look. I’ve seen this guy a couple of times in passing and he looks like he’d be a lot of work with his build and being an
athlete.”  She turned back towards her desk poured herself another cup of coffee.

I quick flipped through some of her patients, almost all of them were the same pattern.  It was as if she had a perfect “relaxation only” client base.  No one ever had specific issues, places that needed worked extra…

“How long has this been going on?” I asked out loud.

“Wha?” came the response from Liz. “This Kurt guy is too perfect.”

“Exactly Liz! I just started looking back through her clients and they are all like that.  No injuries, no deep-tissue.  Everyone is here for relaxation.  Either we are getting the wrong clients, she’s gotten some amazing referrals or something is going on here.”

“You know Pete, normally, I’d be the one to play devil’s advocate but
in this case, I’d have to agree with you.”

“Well, since I have Kurt on my schedule at 11am.  I think I’ll talk to him and see what he has to say about Kate and her services.  If he doesn’t suspect anything, he might tell us more than he should.”

“Yeah, true.  I’d hate to have to fire her.” Liz said looking at me.

“I’m already thinking about it.  If she’s doing advanced work and not billing for it, she’s pocketing that money that should be going to the shop.”

“Exactly Pete.  If it’s one client, we could have a talk with her. If it’s all of
her clients, we have to let her go.”

I sighed and nodded.

I looked over Kurt’s vitals and demographics, nothing out of the ordinary there. Kate’s treatment notes were so vague that I couldn’t really build an idea of what to expect or what to plan for…A blind session, haven’t done one of those since we were in massage

I’m going to head up front and play receptionist while I work on clinic stuff. Kate’s not here so, yeah, I get to cover the front. Maybe we should hire a receptionist/scheduler.”

Liz let out a small laugh, “Maybe we could if everyone was paying in their fair share of their work.”

I let out a grunt as I undocked my laptop and headed up front to unlock the doors and open for the day.  The whole thing with Kate was starting to bother me more than I thought it would.  Could she really be skimming off that much from the company?

I set my computer down on the desk and unlocked the front door.  I gave a look outside and didn’t see anyone waiting, so I went back to get another cup of coffee.  It was just going to be one of those days.

I got my coffee, headed back up front just in time to see the first guest of the step about to step in the door.  I heard Liz walking up the hall behind me and assumed it was her first client of the day.

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