The Secret Sanctuary – Part 4


[Note: Sorry for the short flash, the hubby has been under the weather for the last few days and I’ve been taking care of him  I should be back to “full size” posts next week – Johayan]

It wasn’t that I forgot about the appointment with Chris this morning as much as I
just didn’t remember.

The last few days had been non-stop drama with lots of information faxed over to my
attorney preparing the lawsuit against Kate, preparing to fire her at the end of the day Friday, then having the security company come in and change all the locks and security codes.

It wasn’t until I got into the office and looked at the schedule for the day I remember
the appointment with Chris that I had moved and shuffled Liz’s schedule around to make work.  I saw it was a 9am appointment and I had moved Liz to cover the front desk. I saw the angry red face attached as a note next to the desk shift and knew Liz was going to
be coming in hot this morning.

I started a pot of strong coffee, french roast hazelnut and I made sure we had a mostly
full container of half and half in the fridge ready for her.  If I was going to bear the brunt of Liz’s anger this morning, I was going to do all I could to try to temper it.

I was vaguely curious about Chris and his desire for a male therapist. Normally,
men ask for women and women ask for women. Male therapists don’t get a lot of clients.  It’s one of the reasons that I was usually working the front desk. Yes, I was the practice manager but I also didn’t get a lot of clients.

Many are called but few are chosen. I muttered to myself.  I had heard it often enough when Kate, Liz, and I had gone through school, I was one of four male therapists among the eighty-plus females in the program.  Sadly, that same phrase seemed to sum up my personal life as well. Twenty-seven and still single. Way to go Pete!

I was saved from a pity party by Kate’s arrival. I had to quickly pull myself together to keep from letting out a groan as she arrived. Just get through the day… I thought to myself.

I wasn’t looking forward to cutting Kate out of the practice but after finding rampant falsification of records and that falsification costing the practice over $25,000…we really didn’t have a choice but to let her go and to remove her from the practice.  I wasn’t looking forward to the lawyers and just how unpleasant it would all get.

I had Liz know everything I had found and between my adjusting her schedule and laying out all the details of what Kate had been doing, Liz’s mood was between angry mother bear and Satan.

My phone chirped and saw it was a text from Liz – “What time
is this happening?”

I quickly typed out “5pm – end of day.” and sent it.

The one thing I hadn’t let Liz on was the fact that at 5pm, Kate was going to be
arrested and taken in based on the evidence I’d been able to present.  I was also working to have her severance package, well, her buyout nullified due to the amount of money she had already stolen.

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