The Secret Sanctuary – Part 5



The mysterious Chris appointment started my day at 9am, then lunch at 11:30, then covering the desk for the afternoon.  Not a bad day until 4:30pm when I had to
deal with Kate getting arrested for the massive fraud she had been committing for the two years.

The criminal charges had already been filed and mountains of paperwork sent via courier to my lawyer as supporting evidence.

I looked at the clock on the desk and saw it was already 8:15.  With a client at 9, I
realized I should find some breakfast and get ready for the day.

I closed up my computer and snuck out the front door, locking it behind me. We were
pretty well placed in a small strip mall that housed a 24 hour cafe and coffee shop, a metaphysical store, and a marijuana dispensary. It was an eclectic crowd that frequented the area but that served our business well as we appealed to the more new-age types anyway.

I quickly made my way down to the Daily Drip for some real coffee and a sausage, egg,
and cheese on a toasted baguette.  It sounds odd but it’s really good, I promise!  I saw my usual corner table was taken so I settled in at the coffee bar.

Thirty minutes flew by and I was interrupted by the reminder on my phone to open the
front doors. I finished the last of my coffee and wasted no time in getting back down to the shop to open the doors.

As I approached the doors, I saw activity in the parking lot.  It was Pete getting out of his car and heading towards the doors.

Give him credit for being punctual.” I thought to myself.

As I unlocked the doors, I heard footsteps on the concrete behind me.
There was a distinct scuffing sound with every other footfall.

I walked in and saw Liz at the desk.

“Sorry Liz, was down at the Drip and ran a couple of minutes late.”

Liz shot me a smile but her eyes were nothing but daggers.  She
immediately switched back to professional mode and greeted Chris.

I took the opportunity to head back to the office and hang up my coat and take off my hoodie. I saw that Liz had made coffee but knowing it was Liz’s coffee, I didn’t take a cup. She loves her coffee and she loves it like her soul, dark and bitter. Finally, I looked at myself in the mirror to make sure my shirt was lined up and the collar was flipped down.  I put on my name tag and almost got out the door before I realized it was upside down.

Yeah, it’s just that kind of a day.” I thought to myself as I flipped it over.  I stepped out of the office to see Liz guiding Chris into room 5.

Liz finished the room speech as I heard her telling him to get as undressed as he was comfortable then to lay down on the table under the sheet then she shut the door.  She looked down the hall and pointed at her left leg and gave me a look of confusion and concern.

I walked up to the door and paused for a moment, grabbing his chart and reviewing the intake sheet before knocking on the door.

After a moment, I knocked on the door and asked if I could enter.

“C’mon in Pete.” came the voice from the other side of the door.

I opened the door and stepped in to find Pete standing naked beside the

“I…uh…I’ll just step back out.” I stammered.

“It’s fine Pete, I was just about to get under the sheet.” Chris said and awkwardly got up on the table and pulled the sheet over himself.

“Okay.”  I said with a chuckle as I sat down his chart on the small work desk.

“I heard you dragging a foot when you came in this morning.  The hamstring still bothering you?” I asked getting the session started.

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