The Secret Sanctuary – Part 6


(Author note: I just caught a couple of name flips at the end and edited this to fix it.  I don’t know why but I keep wanting to flip the names Chris and Pete in this story. – Johayan)

Half way through the session, I was getting tired but I was also very glad that Kate hadn’t gotten him.  Chris was too young to be as knotted up and tense as he was today.

Knowing the hamstring was a problem, I changed up my usual routine and started with Chris face down on the table.  There were a couple of times I thought I heard a couple of light snores but given how tense he was, I didn’t think he’d actually fallen to sleep.

As I finished up with his feet, I quietly said “Chris?”.

“Yeah?” came the muffled reply.

“You weren’t kidding about that hamstring.  You did a pretty good job on messing
it up.  I didn’t see any athletics mentioned in your information, do you play football for State?”

“No but I do play rugby for the Cloverdale Flying Carp.”

The lightbulb went on in my head.  Okay, we know the source of the hamstring injury.
It doesn’t explain why he’s here and not being treated by the team doctor or trainer.

“Got it.” I stepped away from the table for a moment and quickly jotted a note about playing rugby.

“So Chris, if you would flex your left leg and tell me how that hamstring is feeling now that I’ve had a chance to work on it.” I said as I walked back over to the table and lightly placed my hands over his hamstring.

He flexed and still seemed to be ‘guarding’ it as he flexed.

“Still bothering you?” I asked.

“Not really, I just have gotten used to it hurting and not having good motion with it.” Chris said with a hint of relief in his voice.

“Good! May I try a couple of small movements to see how the motion is now?”

“Yeah, Pete, go ahead.”

I brought his leg up, holding his ankle and keeping my other hand on his hamstring.  I was able to smoothly bring his heel up to about an inch from his buttocks.  Great progress even for a first session. The real test will be when he is standing and tries to walk.

“Okay Chris, I want you to relax for a couple of minutes.  I’m going to step out of the room and get a drink of water then come back.”

“Sounds good Pete.”

I made a mental note that since I had stopped working on him, Chris hadn’t moved.  Not even a nose scratch or a stretch of any kind. Either he’s really relaxed or he’s afraid to move.

I walked out to the front desk and told Liz that no matter how long Chris took, I was only billing for a 2 hour per what he had agreed to when he came in.

Liz gave me that look of disgust and I explained that he had a fairly
serious hamstring injury and I’d lost track of time.

“It’s a really good thing he didn’t get Kate.  I don’t know that she’d have been able to get deep enough to break up the knots in his hamstring.  He came in dragging his left leg from it.”

“Ouch. Yeah, from Kate’s notes, he’d have gotten a light touch and some pan flute music as a ‘session’.” Liz said with her trademark smirk.

“I know.  Can you hand me a bottle of water from the mini-fridge.  I’m warm and dehydrated from working on Chris.” I said with a smile.

“Sure thing.  Oh, FYI, Kate called out for the afternoon with ‘car problems’.” Liz said sullenly.

“Okay, I’ll make sure the police know to go to her house to serve the warrant then.  The charges are filed but the warrant was to be served today which is how she was to be arrested here.  Just makes it a bit more complicated but it’s done.  If she really had car problems and a cop stops to help, she’ll be arrested then.” I said with a bit
of a smile, “I do need to get back to Chris.  If you want, take a break for 15 and run down to the Daily Drip.  Save your receipt and I’ll reimburse you.  Put up the back in 15 minutes sign and lock the door.”

Liz smiled, “Deal.  I hate just sitting here staring at the fish tank.” she laughed as she handed me a bottle of water.

“Thanks Liz!” I said as I headed back to finish working on Chris.

I was about to knock on the door when I did hear light snoring coming
from the room.

Yeah, he was that tired.  I don’t want to wake him up but I do have half a session to

I knocked on the door a bit louder than I normally would, but it was just Liz and I in the office, so I knew I wouldn’t be disturbing any one else.

“Oh uhm, yeah, come in.” came the groggy voice from the other side of
the door.

I opened the door and Chris was looking up from the headrest sheepishly, “Sorry Pete.  I’ll admit, I didn’t sleep well last night as I was really anxious about the appointment today.  I wasn’t sure what to expect.”

“It’s okay Chris.” I said between drinks of water. “Give me a second and
I’ll have you roll over and we’ll finish up today’s session.”

I finished off the bottle of water and looked at the small timer embedded in the desk.  “1:17:33” and counting up.  I’d already gone through an hour and fifteen minutes of the session.  I should have 30 minutes left but I wasn’t going to let Chris go half-done on a first session.

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