The Secret Sanctuary – Part 7



I picked up the sheet and told Chris to roll over on to his back.

“Uhm, Pete.  I can’t, well, I can but I don’t want to roll over.”

“Chris, I can’t work on the other side if you don’t roll over.”

“Pete. I know. I … uh … I swear it was an accident!” Chris gushed suddenly.

“What was an accident?  Did something happen with the table?” I asked confused.

“Kinda.” he said as he  buried his head in the headrest, “What you did felt so good and
relaxing.  I got aroused and with the motion of massage, I made…” Chris trailed off sheepishly.

“Oh, okay.  It happens occasionally.  It’s easily fixed.  If you would keep the sheet wrapped around you, stand up and I’ll put fresh linen on the table.  I’ll put a clean sheet on the table as well.  I’ll step out for a few minutes to give you time to clean up and get back on the table.” I said calmly.

Wow.  I’ve not had that happen with a client.  I’ve heard about it, we learned about it, but that’s a first for me.

I helped Chris to stand up and quickly donned a pair of gloves and scooped up the soiled linens. I grabbed the cleaning wipes and made quick work of the table. While it dried, I grabbed fresh linens from the cabinet and made the bed. While I did that, Chris had sat down on the stool next to the desk.

“Chris, the bed is ready.  Give me a minute and I’ll grab a couple of warm hand towels for you to use to clean up.  When you are done, just put them in the bin in the corner.  I’ll be right back.”

I ducked out of the room and grabbed a couple of warm towels from the utility room.  I looked and saw that we still had some facial wipes from an early experiment with doing spa treatments.

“Perfect!” I said out loud as a grabbed a couple.

I returned to the room and knocked.

“Come in Pete.”

I stepped in and put the two warm towels and the cleansing wipes on the

“I’m going to step back out for about five minutes to give you time to clean up. You can put the wipes in the regular trash.” I said firmly but politely, “I’ll be back in a few minutes.” I smiled then stepped back out of the room.

I wandered back up to the desk.

“Liz, do we have any Bailey’s or Kahlua in the break room still?”

“Pete?” Liz squeaked.

“Yes Liz.  I know I should be in with my client.  There was an issue and I’ll be back in there in a few minutes.”

Liz’s eyebrow shot up and a smirk shot across her face, “An issue?”

“Yes. Apparently, my client is a bit hair-triggered.”

Liz bit her lip to keep from laughing out loud.  After a moment, she was able to compose herself to ask, “So that really does happen?!”

“Apparently it does.  After the ordeal with this, I’m wanting a nice hot cup of
coffee with a shot or two of Baileys.  I’ll settle for Kahlua.”

“We have both in my desk.” Liz said with a salacious look.

“I owe you two for today now.  As soon as I can clear this session, I’ll take the desk.  Lunch is on me, so keep that in mind.”

“Oooh, hey big spender…” Liz said and then trailed off.

“Yeah yeah yeah.  I stuffed you on the desk today because there’s no one else. Can you look at the master schedule for next week and start working on aligning schedules?  I’m going to have to hire a receptionist and try to find another therapist or two.”

Liz nodded and gave the slightest nod back towards our treatment rooms.

“Yes Liz.  I’ll go now.”

I turned and headed back to the room where Chris was, I stopped just short of the door and heard the sound of the table squeaking just a bit as Chris laid back down.  I took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

“Come in Pete!” Chris called.

I stepped in and Chris was comfortable on the bed and there was no outward sign of the interruption to the session.

“Are you ready for the remainder of the session?” I asked while being fully aware that he could want to cancel the last half.

“Yeah, I’m ready Pete.  I do want to tell you something first.  It shouldn’t matter but in this case it does.” Chris stammered, “Part of the reason I had problems with the first part of the session,” Chris paused for a moment, “Nevermind Pete. It’s my problem.”

“Chris, if it’s affecting your ability to relax and getting the most out of this session, then it’s something I need to know.  I can do what I can to make it better for you.” I offered.

“I don’t think you can help in this case.  I know that you are a professional and all that, but I think you are beautiful.  While you were working on me, my mind wandered a bit too far.” Chris confessed.

“Oh! Well, professionally I can’t get involved with my clients. It’s an ethical issue.  If I wanted to date a client, I’d have to drop them as a client and per the professional guidance, wait six months.” I said politely.


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