The Secret Sanctuary – Part 9


As Liz walked out the door and locked up behind them, she thought to herself “Man,
Pete is a total novice to dating. This could be a disaster.”

Can I get a chance to talk to him…..BINGO!  I’ll just follow up with him as a post-visit courtesy call. 

Liz congratulated herself on her quick thinking.

Now, where should we eat?

They got into Liz’s car and she headed off to Sabor Brasileiro, a new Brazilian restaurant that had opened across town. She hadn’t checked to see if they were open during the day or just evenings but they’d burn that bridge when they came to it.  “I’m
not in any mood for any more bullshit today
!Liz muttered out loud.

Traffic wasn’t terrible but Liz wasn’t in the best head space.  She kept thinking about her headache which was only making it worse. “Damnit, this better not be the beginning of a migraine.”

MeanwhilePete had been sitting quietly in the passenger seat, oblivious to Liz’s stewing. He was lost in his own thoughts of Chris.  It’d only been a few hours but yet his head was swimming. He’d never thought of any one the way he was thinking of Chris.  His smell, his attitude, even the fact that he was eyeing…

Pete’s thoughts were interrupted as Liz slammed on the brakes.

Liz already had the window down and was yelling at the person who had cut her off.

“You stupid sonuvabitch!  Watch where the fuck you are going!” Liz
screamed out the window.

Pete slid down in the seat a bit, not wanting to be associated with Liz’s outburst.  As he slid down, he found himself laughing involuntarily at the sheer absurdity that today had brought.  Chris had completely set his world spinning and Liz was acting her stereotypical lesbian self.  The only thing Liz was missing to complete the lesbian
stereotype was a love of other women.

“You know Liz, maybe we should set you up with a couple of women.” Pete said with a smirk and before he could finish, Liz had already reached over and slapped him.

“I’m not a fucking dyke! I love COCK. I love the cock as much as you do.
LONG THICK THROBBING COCK!” Liz yelled while making lewd gestures.

And as suddenly as it had all started, both of them were laughing
hysterically while still stopped in the middle of the street.

It wasn’t until the car behind them honked that they tried to pull themselves back together and head off to where ever Liz was taking them.

As Liz took off, Pete turned and looked at her, “You know I can’t say that I’ve never been attracted to any one before, I might have but just didn’t recognize it. I mean, when, you know that your romantic interests are towards the same sex…”

“You keep it close.” Liz said quietly, “Though, you know, I don’t think either of us realized just how much stress the whole mess with Kate was putting on us under.”

“Yeah, now that she’s been arrested, that’s a big relief.  Now it’s all the court dates and lawyer drama.”

“Pete, that’s all you.” Liz said, “Well, except for the needing a receptionist and another therapist or two.  I mean we are growing but this is a set back.”

“Yeah, it is Liz.  However, I think it’ll help us grow. We can actually get proper accounting and not be overpaying employees who are undercharging.”

Liz nodded silently and turned the car into the parking lot of the restaurant.

Pete looked up and asked quizzically “Sabor Brasileiro?”

“It’s supposed to be an amazing all-you-can-eat Brazilian steak house.  The meat is brought around to the table on carts and they slice off what you want by the table.” Liz explained as she started getting out of the car.

“Sounds delicious, let’s eat!  Though first, I do need to scrub my hands with soap and water.  I feel like I still have table wipe residue on my hands.” Pete said with a smile.

Liz looked over with a smirk, “Well, if it’s Chris, you could always
just licks your fingers clean.”

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