Byron Kendall – Part 2


We were camped on the edge of a small river and had been
enjoying fresh lake trout for dinner.  Several of adults,
including dad, were sitting around camp having a few beers and
bullshitting.  Me, my older cousin Jerry, and a bunch of the
younger cousins decided we were going to go swimming and exploring
til evening.  We hiked up the river a mile or two and decided
we’d hang out there. We had a helluva time swimming, which beats
being in camp sweating yer balls off, but it was getting dark
enough that we decided we should head back to camp.

We started heading back to camp and were hiking along the river bank single file.  Jerry and I were leading the way when one of the younger
cousins farther back said that Zach wasn’t there. I turned around
and sure enough, Zach was no place to be seen.  He had gotten
separated from us and quickly was lost in the woods.

I told Jerry to take the rest of the boys and head to camp and I
would go back to find Zach.  I had walked back about a mile with
I heard Zach’s voice “Puppy!” and my blood turned cold. The
chances of a dog pup out here in the woods? I took off at a run and
had gotten close enough to hear a loud growl which was followed by a

I don’t remember exactly what happened next but I was covered in
blood and fur. I was curled up around Zach who was bleeding from a
large bite on his arm. I turned and looked to see the remains of what
looked to be a freshly slaughtered wolf carcass, well, shredded
laying about 20 yards away..

I tried to ask Zach if he was ok, but all I heard was a couple of
growls and a bark.  I looked down and realized I was a wolf!  I
clearly thought to myself “what the fuck?  I’m a human.”
and suddenly, I was human.  Naked and bloody, but human.  I
looked at Zach whose eyes were huge with what I thought was fear
until he looked at me, “Byron!  You can do that just like
Uncle Jeff does.”

I just looked at him, “Like Uncle Jeff does?” I said
surprised, “C’mon Zach,  let’s get you back to camp and
get your arm patched up.  I’ll let ya ride on my shoulders!”

Zach smiled and jumped up.  I picked him up and put him up on
my shoulders.  It must have been quite a sight to see me come
walking into camp naked and bloody with Zach up on my shoulders.
Zach’s dad and Uncle Jeff came running up to us.  Zach
was whisked off to a tent and Uncle Jeff shoved me towards my dad.

Dad was on his feet and running towards us as soon as we got into

There was a chorus of concern as the fact that Zach had been
attacked by an animal but also that I was covered in blood and
carrying him.

“Uncle Jeff…what is it you do?  I could have sworn for a
minute that I was a wolf.  I thought to myself that I’m human
and then I was human.  Zach said that Uncle Jeff does the same

Dad suddenly smiled from ear to ear and went running for the
truck.  Uncle Jeff was right behind him and they both turned,
looked at me and motioned me to follow.

Uncle Jeff got a small bag out of his truck and Dad got some
clothes out of the car for me.  I came jogging over and Dad told
me to take the clothes and go clean up in the river, then get

I did and as I finished getting dressed, Dad came walking up and
Uncle Jeff was right behind him with a solemn look on his face.

“Byron, sit down son.  You and your Uncle Jeff need to have
a talk.  I’m going to get your mother.”

“Uhm ok.”  I said as I sat down and Uncle Jeff sat down
beside me.

It was then that I was told of my parent’s real nature. Mom was
like me.  A Garou, but one of the tribe called the Get of
Fenris.  Dad was a Shadow Lord but he was not able to be a wolf.
Uncle Jeff explained that he was a ‘kinfolk’.  He had
the genetics but he wasn’t one himself.  I got a smile on my
face knowing that I was better than my father.  I was “bred
true” unlike him.

It seemed like hours had gone by, but it was only 90 minutes.
Uncle Jeff explained the Garou to me.  He explained each
of the tribes of the Nation and said that I likely a Shadow Lord
since I looked liked Dad but he didn’t know because he wasn’t a
Theurge but Mom might be able to tell.  He explained what Gaia
was and I explained all that Mom had taught me.  He was
impressed and said that Mom must have known that I was going to be a
Changer. I suddenly felt like I was playing charades with all the
stuff Uncle Jeff was having me do.

He had just finished explaining more of being a Werewolf to me
when I heard a commotion from camp.  I looked over and saw Mom
and Dad rushing over.

“You’ve haven’t done it yet have you Jeff?”

“No Nancy, I haven’t.  I wouldn’t do that before you
were and Lyle were here.  I just finished explaining the basics
of Garou life to him. You did a very good job of getting him to
understand and love Gaia.  Fenris would smile upon you.”

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