Byron Kendall – Part 5

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At the end of the first summer, I felt my Garou nature far more strongly but much of what I was learning didn’t feel right to me.  The only thing that really felt right to me was that I was in a pack to Crow.  My pack counselor was a Fostern Ahroun named Bill “Aims for the Face” Gilmore.  He was a big guy and he spent his summers away from college helping with the camp.  He didn’t active try to protect me, but he also knew I wasn’t a Get.  I didn’t get anything from him that any of the Get wouldn’t have gotten.  By the end of the summer, I was better built, more confident in myself, and realizing that I’m a handsome man.

When I returned for my junior year, I didn’t and still don’t care what the other kids had to say about me, so long as it is true.  You lied about me, you spread gossip, and I would find you.  You will forever regret having crossed me.

I was starting to hear rumours and talk because I didn’t have a girlfriend or a reputation as a womanizer.  Tell me reader, does this make you honorable?  Does it allow you to better yourself?  No.  There is the reason why.  I was too busy planning my way to bigger and better things.

My junior year came and went with me becoming a reporter for our high school newspaper and me busting my ass to get on the honor roll.

The summer before my senior year, I actually found myself looking forward to going up to the Sept of the Hidden Valley Ranch.  Uncle Jeff was an excellent teach and he was already telling me that this summer would be a rite of passage.  I didn’t realize that he meant it literally.

As soon as school was done, I packed up my hybrid and headed up to Uncle Jeff’s place.  As we hiked out to the camp cabins, I noticed there were a lot of familiar faces but a few I expected to see were missing.  I asked Uncle Jeff about them and got a list of reasons why the missing weren’t there.  Some had been killed in accidents, some had proven themselves untrustworthy or worse, unwilling to fight.

It was just after the 4th of July that my pack had been chosen to go seek out a cave in the woods.  We were to camp there for three days and then return to tell our tale.  We were to rest tonight and decide who would be our leader with a reminder that we must follow the Litany.  We were to return at dawn to have a Rite performed on us before we left.

We went to the dining hall and ate dinner.  We noticed that once we sat down at one of the tables, we were the focus of attention but yet no one would sit by us.  We started eating and before long, the conversation had turned to our leadership.  My thought was to have the Ragabash lead us as they are the ones who are the investigators and spies.  Who else to find out information for us to find the cave quickly and set up camp?

All of us thought someone else should be the leader except our theurge.  Our conversation nearly erupted into argument many times but finally, we decided we had to find out who the theurge wanted to lead us.

Our theurge was a wiry kid who didn’t look any older than 13 or 14.  I actually worried about him setting out into the woods, but I also knew that if he didn’t return, the Get would simply brand him as unworthy and move on.  We all would move on, there is too much to do in these last days.

I turned to our silent Theruge and asked him who he wanted as the leader of our pack.

After a few seconds of silence, “You, Crow, shall be our leader.  You have been slow to anger and you have listened all of us in our discussions of who shall be the leader.  You have considered both the good and bad of each choice.  You are a fair person, but you are also not Get of Fenris.  I do not know if my Fenrir brothers will follow you, but I would select you as our leader.”

The cabin fell silent with only the occasional crack of the roof.  After a moment, Jared, our Ahround, stood, “My theurge brother speaks well.  While both of your parents were not Get of Fenris, your mother is a known and respected Get Theurge.  I have heard her name spoken of highly.  You have been in our cabin for the young summer and you have show a solid resolve and you are quick to anger.  However, once angered, you have shown yourself to be more than capable of fighting.  Moreover, you have been chosen as worthy by one of your clan and scarred as such.  I will second Byron as our leader.”

A few moments later, it had been decided, four votes to one, that I would lead the party to the cave in the morning.

The next morning, we went to the Camp Alpha’s office.  He greeted us and took us to the Alpha Philodox.

The first Rite performed was the Rite of Passage.  We were to go forth into the woods and find a cave.  You will stay there until you have completed your quest.  You will face many dangers on your Rite of Passage.  You may die, be horribly injured, and may see things you wished you had never seen.  There is a taint in that area.  I want you to explore it and see if there is any activity near the cave.

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