A Blind Rage – Part 1

Scott James Cooper woke up and realized it was his least favorite day of the year.  It
was time for school to start again.

It’s my junior year.  One more year after this.

He pulled himself out of bed and started getting dressed.  He pulled a
Metallica hoodie and a pair of black jeans. As he tossed his hair up in to his hoodie, he looked at the clock to see if he had time to get coffee before catching the
bus.  Fuck…no time.

He slipped on his shoes and headed down the driveway to wait for the school bus.  Not turning 17 for another three months, he would be stuck on the bus for another
semester at the very least.

The only upside to school starting was that baseball practice was be starting sooner.  Back to the gym and lifting with the team, back with his posse.

It was more lively than his home life.  Most people would have thought that being a star athlete, he’d have a lively home life with his parents pushing him to do his best and cheering him on at games.  In fact, nothing was further from the truth but Scott worked as hard in hiding his home life as he did he did in the gym to keep up his physique and as hard as he did at his homework.

On the rare occasions he did have friends over, he made sure they were gone no later than 5pm before his parents would be home.  He kept to a firm 10pm curfew unless there was a ball game out of town or if he was working.  He kept a part-time job at the grocery store which gave him some spending money.

By all accounts, Scott was the All-American boy next door.  And he was. But like many “perfect” families and situations, there are the skeletons dancing in the closet.

Open enrollment had allowed his parents to put him into a better school district. Excellent grades followed him and soon athletic ability showed itself as well.  Everything came to a screeching halt in June when his parents were killed in a plane crash in Mongolia.  They had been flying back from a diplomatic mission in the Russian Far East
when the plane developed engine problems.  The pilot had tried for an emergency landing at Ulaanbaatar International.  He was unfamiliar with the area and tried to land at the new airport which was not yet completed.  As he came in for landing, he realized he was not at the correct airport and crashed into the mountains to the north of the
new airport.  All aboard the craft were killed including the Russian Minister of the Interior, the US Ambassador, and several low-level US and Russian government officials.

Life for Scott didn’t change all that much when his parents passed away. He was used to living on his own and his parents had planned for an eventuality like this, so he was financially set to make it to adulthood.

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