The Debaucher’s Diary – Entry #1

[Author Note: This series is more explicit and features scenes and language that some readers may find offensive. If the title wasn’t enough, this series is completely NSFW! – Johayan]


4 January

‘Kenny’ hit me up on an on-line hookup site.  Interesting profile, straight guy on the down low looking to hook up.  A quick online chat and it was obvious he was ready to go NOW.

Once I had the address, I punched it into my phone and saw it was in a trailer park.  Not too surprising given the profile.

30 minutes of traffic and road construction later, I was pulling up to a rather dilapidated trailer with a front “deck” that looked like a tornado had arranged some pallets and spare boards.  It was sturdier than it looked but it still didn’t make me feel any better about the hap-hazard construction.

Quick message on the hookup site and he was opening the door.

I paused for a moment and took him in.

I wasn’t expected a somewhat tattooed short construction worker type black guy.  What I really wasn’t expecting was just how hot he was…and for a brief moment, I felt a flutter in my stomach.

What the…that ain’t our game! 

I stepped in to the trailer and was greeted by a screaming bird, a small kickable dog in need of a barber, and an aloof cat that just sat and stared at me.

I just finished my mental tally of the scene when I saw him drop his shorts.

A girthy five to six inches soft and a pair of balls that could have passed for a pair of kiwi. He gave his cock a tug and then squeezed his balls.  I didn’t have to think twice as my own clothing hit the floor.

He fell back on the couch and I walked over and dropped to my knees.  I need it, I need his load in me.

Now, having thought that, I realized I was in the thrall of the guy in front of me. I didn’t even bother with trying to start slow.  I deep throated him from the start and started milking his head with my throat.  Hearing a thick breathy “Oh my god, fuck yes!” was music to my ears and I slid my tongue under his balls and started licking while I continued milking his head.  A couple of minutes later, I looked up at him with my best “come fuck me eyes” and saw that he was staring at me wide eyed with a huge smile on his face.

Without missing a beat, he stood up and grabbed the sides of my head and started to skullfuck me like a pro. He had just the right rhythm that let me take all of him and yet still keep a normal breathing pattern.

I grabbed his meaty ass and realized that it was a soft full bubble butt.  I thought it was more muscular but was wrong.  I pulled him even closer to me burying my face in his pubes and eliciting another moan and then a grunt as he suddenly pulled out and sat back down.

“Bro, I can’t keep that up, I was just about to cum.”

I smiled, “for the first time. My hole is hungry too.”

“If your hole is anything like your mouth…” he said lustily as I dropped to all fours and present my ass for his inspection. A quick finger along my crack set me quivering.  He slipped the finger in and I clenched down on it

“You gonna be able to take my log brah?”

“Yeah, and the load with it too.  You just gonna talk about it or you gonna do it?”

As he spit on his cock and drove it home, I realized that I probably shouldn’t have taunted him quite that hard.  He was buried balls deep in my ass before I could say “slow.”  A quick grab on my hips and he was riding me like a cowboy on a horse, fluid motion and no hesitation to ride hard.

I’d just gotten into his rhythm and could feel a massive load brewing up in my balls. I knew if he didn’t stop soon, I was gonna spray a load all over the living room carpet. As if he knew I close, he suddenly stopped.

He pulled out and spun me around and shoved his cock back in my mouth.

“Can’t have you getting off before I do.” he sneered.

By this point, I was higher than the clouds on a wave of unbridled lust.

“You want something to drink?” was the question as he glared down at me.

I gave a small nod and continued sucking his cock.  There was a brief pause as he stopped drilling the back of my mouth then a sudden hot wave hit me.

Oh fuck…was all I had time to think as I started guzzling down his piss. Given the evil look on his face, I didn’t want to find out what would happen if I didn’t drink it all down.

I felt my belly filling up with his piss, a warm contented feeling as he slowed then stopped.  He was still fully erect and still raring to go.

He threw me down on the floor with my ass up and drove back into me.

“You’re a good little bitch! I’m gonna enjoy this.” he growled as he started pounding me even harder than before.  I could feel and hear my full stomach sloshing around. He reached under and slapped my bloated belly. “Good to know you can take it all.”

I wasn’t sure how much more I could take but it was right then that he grabbed my hips and drove himself as far in as he could get and I felt hot cum covering my prostate and filling my ass.

Judging by how long he was pulsing in my ass, I wasn’t sure if I’d able to hold it all in…or even hold it in after this.

He pulled out, threw my clothes at me. “Get out you fucking faggot. I’m done with you.”

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