i’m tired.  I’m still drained from my MS battles.  I was diagnosed in early September 2017 and from then until late April 2018, I spent most of that time either in the hospital or wishing I was dead.

It’s now been two months since we found the right medication combination that is working well for me.  I feel much better and having been having MS symptoms since April.

The downside of all this, I used up all of my FMLA time until October 2018 and there is now a gaping crater where my sick/vacation time used to be.

I really need to take a vacation where I can just unwind, relax, and finally get back into writing each week.  I’m missing too many flash (series) weekly posts and I feel terrible about it.

I’m also working on polishing up two of my flash series into full blown short stories.  If I can get them all worked up, I’m hoping to combine them into a two-fer e-book and actually *gulp* publish my first book.

For those wondering, I’m currently working on “The Shaman’s Gift” and “A Change of Scenery”.  I’ve given serious consideration to “To Be Determined” as well.  If I do decide to bring it up to full story status, I may just release three books at once and then see what happens.

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