Tales of the Cabin – Part 2

I’d gotten lucky in that the state had passed a change in the rules regarding the MegaLotto at the beginning of the year.  Winners could choose blanket anonymity upon winning a jackpot over a million dollars.

I was kicked back with my feet on coffee table daydreaming of job.  I’d taken the day off with a stomach bug.  I wasn’t going to give my notice until I had the money in my account and had a good slab of it set aside for my retirement.  I had already notified the state of my winning ticket and gone through all of the paperwork to validate that I did indeed have the winning ticket.

Debating between lunch and watching another movie on WebFlicks, I was interrupted by a firm and insistent knocking on the door to my apartment.

I stood up, made sure I was dressed enough to be polite, and made my way over to the door.  A second round of knocking greeted me as I got to the door. Looking out the peephole, I saw our building manager Jessica with a State Trooper and a very smartly dressed woman standing on either side of her.

I swallowed hard and opened the door, my voice was not what I expected it to be as I squeaked out a “Hello.”

It was the building manager who spoke first.

“Mr. Vince Ramhart?” she asked stiffly.

“Yes.” I answered as stiffly.

“Vince, they have asked to be escorted to your apartment.  They have asked that I sign paperwork as a witness.”

I couldn’t control the sudden upward arch of my eyebrows.

“Mr. Ramhart. I’m State Patrol Director Michael Boyd.  May we step into your home?”

“Certainly.” I said as a I stepped aside. “Please, come into the living room and make yourself comfortable.”

“We won’t be here long Mr. Ramhart.  Do you have positive photo identification?”

“I do.” I said as I noticed as small bead of sweat rolling down my low back and I disappeared to my bedroom.

I came back out carrying a small firesafe box. I opened it and brought out my Social Security card, passport, certified birth certificate and the notarized copy of my lease.

“May I examine these?” Director Boyd asked dryly.

“You may.” I said with a slight smile.  Our building manager was still struggling to figure out what was doing on with the whole situation.  It had taken me a few minutes but I realized the other person with Director Boyd was the state Lottery Director Jane Rohr.

They both looked over the documents from the safe in excruciating detail.  Once both were satisfied, the other person smiled.

“Mr. Ramhart,” the other person started as she lifted her briefcase onto the coffee table. “You know who I am.” She said continuing to open the briefcase which seemed to have four different locks.

As the briefcase popped open, she reached in and removed a tamper-proof sealed envelope.

“This is yours now Mr. Ramhart.  If you need anything, please feel free to contact your advisor.” She said with a small smile as she removed a 2nd envelope from the briefcase.

“Mr. Ramhart, if you could sign certifying that you have received the document.” she cooed while pointing to a signature line with my name below it.

I picked up the proffered pen and realized that the attestation did list who she was.  ‘No keeping it from the building manager now’ I thought to myself as I signed the sheet.

Director Boyd signed, quickly followed by the Lottery Director.  As the sheet was slid over to the building manager, she couldn’t contain her curiosity any longer.

“What is it that I’m signing for exactly?” she asked suspiciously.

“You are a witness that the envelope that is now in Mr Ramhart’s possession is indeed in his possession.” Director Boyd answered dryly.

He’s a lot of fun at parties I bet. I thought to myself with a small giggle.

She looked down at the sheet and looked over the signature lines and as she read the title of the Lottery Director, her eyes got bigger.

“Oh!” she said with a smile and scrawled her signature on the form.

Director Boyd and Director Rohr stood up, “Mr. Ramhart, unless you have any questions, I believe our work here is done.”

“Indeed.” was the one word response from Director Rohr.

“Actually, I do have a question. Would it be possible for me to get a ride from Director Boyd?” I hoped I could.  The 8×11 envelope in my hand was shaking slightly.

“We aren’t supposed to do so, but I can certainly escort you to your destination.”

“Thank you sir.” I said with a relieved smile.

Director Boyd turned to Jessica, “Thank you for accompanying us today. If you could leave us with Mr. Ramhart for a few moments.”

“Well, uh, yes. Certainly.” She sputtered as she stood up, smoothed her skirt, and before anyone could realize she was gone, the door shut behind her.

“Mr. Ramhart, I’m assuming you wish to be escorted to your bank?”

“I do. I won’t stop shaking until …this is in the bank.”

A quick thirty minutes later, I had deposited the largest check of my life. I quickly paid off my car, student loans, and a couple of small loans.

“Thank you Director Boyd.” I said with a smile.

I returned home and stopped in the building office on my way up.  I wrote out a check for the rest of my lease.  I was keeping the apartment as it would take time for my plans to be realized.

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