Tales of the Cabin – Part 4


Kyle had been right. I wasn’t ready to totally dive into the nudist scene but fuck clothes at home!

Twenty years later, at 40, here I was retired to a nudist commune that I had built.  I had given thought to making it into a resort.  It was still a plan I had in the back of my head.  So far, there were only a dozen cabin sites planned out with six built.  As it stood, it was a small members only resort.  We weren’t vetting guests but it was written into the agreements that guest vetting and a public portion of the grounds could be started at any time.

My revelry in sitting on my couch in the new area was interrupted by the doorbell.

“Who is it?” I yelled towards the front door.

“Hey, it’s Aaron!  I wasn’t sure if you were home or not.”

“Yeah, I’m here.  I’d say grab a beer in the fridge, but I don’t think I have any yet.”

I heard Aaron come in, wander around a bit then find the kitchen.  The fridge was opened and then I heard cans being taken out.

“Three cheers for beers!” Aaron bellowed from the kitchen, “Meet you on the deck?”

I jumped up and grabbed a towel from the rack by the back door as I met Aaron.

“Isn’t it great?” I said to Aaron as I cracked open a Surly Furious.

Aaron dropped into one of the chairs in the sun, “It sure is Vince.  I can’t believe you actually hit the lottery and were able to do this.  We’ve talked about it and you’ve held on to the dream, and here you are, retired at 40 and managing a nudist commune.”

I sat down and was lost in thought for a moment when Aaron dropped a bombshell.

“Kevan, how did you know you were gay?”

“Uhm…uh.” I stammered as I set my beer down, “I guess I always just knew. Even as a little kid, when I was supposed to be playing doctor with the neighbor girls, I had the girls as my nurses and always played doctor with the boys.”

“Oh, wow.  I mean, so you just knew.” Aaron with barely containing his surprise.

“Yeah, it was always boys.  I mean, I experimented with girls in college.  They feel good but there is no connection.  It’s just physical pleasure and not all that pleasurable at that.” I said quietly.

“Interesting.  I think I might be a late bloomer.  It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I realized that I dated a lot of girls but could never commit to them.  It was like they were never enough. It’s like I knew in the back of my mind but I couldn’t quite work it all out.”

“That’s not uncommon Aaron.  Have you messed around with guys or are you just having self-doubts about your own sexuality?”

“Both?  I’ve only had a couple of sexual experiences with men.  One was a random hookup online…the other,” Aaron paused for several seconds, “the other was my younger brother.”

I picked up my beer and took a big swig.

“Aaron, how long ago were these experiences?”

Aaron didn’t answer right away. He turned a deep red and for a moment I thought he was going to get up and go home.

“Kevan, the hook up was only about a year ago.  I really enjoyed what happened.  As for my younger brother, we started messing around as teenagers. We just never stopped.  We didn’t, and still don’t, think of it as gay.  It’s just brotherly love.”

“That it is.” I turned and looked at Aaron in a whole new light.  As I looked at him, I suddenly found my thoughts turning to what his brother looked like and then to the two of them messing around. “Well, you don’t have to worry about what anyone thinks up here.  So long as your brother is down with this being a nudist commune, he’s more than welcome.”

“Thanks Vince.  He’s all out gay, he’s like you, says he’s always known.”

“Some people know right away, some people take til their teens, and some people figure it all out when they are much older than we are.”

Aaron smiled, “I think I’m one of those people.”

“Well, do you find yourself thinking about guys?  Like day dreaming about co-workers, celebrities, and stuff like that?”

Aaron blushed deeply again, “Well, honestly, it’s mostly my brother. I’ve thought about you some, and yeah, I’ve had those celebrity crushes.  Mostly on football players. They aren’t always the smartest, but they are big and mostly muscular.  I like big boys.”

I paused for a moment, I could see the wheels turning furiously in Aaron’s head but I didn’t want to influence anything.

“Aaron, you want your brother to move up here don’t you.  The two of you living together, like boyfriends.”

I saw a small nod from Aaron as tears welled up in his eyes.

“You truly love him don’t you.  You think of him as your partner.”

Aaron nodded again.

“Does he feel the same way about you?”

Aaron didn’t nod this time but a huge smile spread across his face.

“So he does.  Aaron, feel free to ask him to move up here. You know all the details of how things are run and what’s involved with our community.  If he wants to move up, just let me know, we’ll just add him to your paperwork and as far as we’re concerned, you’re partners.  If people have a problem with you being brothers, that will be dealt with.”

With that, Aaron couldn’t contain his emotions any longer.  Between sobs, he explained that he wasn’t sure how I would take the news that he and his biological brother were lovers.  He’d finally figured out he was gay about ten years ago, but couldn’t bring himself to cheat on Andrew, his brother.

“Well, fuck, who am I to question love that strong?”

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