Tales of the Cabin – Part 5


A couple of weeks had passed and I’d not given much thought to Aaron and his brother.  Aaron had made his mark on the community by being the “grocery boy” and bringing the weekly grocery deliveries from the dock to each of the residences.

He’d made quite the impression on a couple of the residents with his work ethic for lack of a better term.  Aaron was a big guy, about 6’5”, fair skin with hair that changed from blond to ginger to red depending on how the sun hit it.  He’d lost weight recently from dedicated time in the gym and it showed.  Seeing him making the deliveries was definitely a sight for tired eyes.

I’d already given Aaron a security code for my house and he delivered the groceries in the house, put them all away, and made sure that he didn’t disturb my activities. He was so good at it, I had actually found myself sleeping through his deliveries.

The community was coming together nicely and a few more people had moved in.  Shane was the exception so far, but he got along with everyone.  Six feet, tanned with long black hair that was shot with grey, Shane’s Native ancestry was impossible to hide.  He was always willing to help out somebody who needed a hand which certainly didn’t hurt his acceptance. He just wasn’t the social butterfly that most of the others were in the community.

I’d known Shane for about 20 years.  He was absolutely straight and didn’t give a fuck what others did so long as they respected him and his body.  I knew it wouldn’t be a problem with the community. He’s a great guy but quite private and reserved about his sexuality and sex. Nothing wrong with that and I knew that unless he left his door open or decided to have sex on his deck, no one would ever know who or what he did.

I always enjoyed seeing Shane outside, he moved with a fluid grace that came from his ancestry and it was a pleasure to watch.  It was very different than Aaron’s brute strength.  Aaron was a quiet step, so he could easily get in and out of places without being noticed.  Shane could do so as well, but there was something about Shane that seemed to catch people’s attention.

I was sitting out on the back deck getting some sun before doing a bit of work for the community when I heard a couple of loud thuds and a groan from in the house. Jumping up and dashing into the house, I saw Aaron putting the grocery crates on the counter.

“Aaron, you okay?”

“Oh, uhm, hi Mr. Ramhart.  I didn’t mean to…” and the voice trailed off as he looked up from the floor where he’d been picking up dropped fruit.

I met his gaze and realized it wasn’t Aaron.  I mean, it could have been Aaron a few years ago.  I quickly realized that his must be his younger brother. As I looked at him, I could see why Aaron would have been attracted to him.  Pale alabaster skin, sapphire blue eyes, and a body made for a Greek statue.  Well, except Greek statues could only dream of being that well-endowed.

I didn’t realize it but I let out a quite audible gasp as I met his gaze.  He set the fruit and veg down on the counter and walked over with his hand out.

“I’m Andy. Aaron is my older brother.  He invited me up to spend a week.  I wasn’t sure how I’d get on here but it’s been a blast. Everyone is nice and laid back.” he said earnestly.

“I wondered how you got in my house.” I said with a smirk. “Where’s Aaron at today?”

“Oh, he said he had to go into town for something. I didn’t ask him what.” Andy said sheepishly.

“No problem, I thought you were Aaron when I came in. You two look a lot alike even with a second look.”

“Yeah, lots of people say we could be twins.”

“Yeah, you are both quite handsome.” I said with a twang of lust in my voice.  It was about that time I realized that I was starting to get aroused.

Andy looked down with the slightest of smiles and then looked me in the eyes, “I’m glad you like what you see Mr. Ramhart.”

“Oh I do.” I said as I stepped forward, “You need some help getting those groceries put away?”

“You don’t need to do …” Andy trailed off as my full body came into his view.

“It’s no problem Andy.  It’ll let you get to the rest of the deliveries. I know Aaron won’t be happy if he gets back and you don’t have them done.”

“True, Mr. Ramhart.” Andy said looking down at the floor.

“Andy, look at me.” I said in what called my ‘daddy’ voice.

He stood up stiffly, “Yes sir?” was the quiet response as he looked at me.

“Call me Vince…” I paused, “boy.”

“Yes sir!” Andy said as he snapped to attention with his hands behind his back.

I let out a low whistle, “Aaron has you trained well doesn’t he?”

Andy didn’t say anything but his face flushed a hot red then went white as he realized that I must know.

“Andy, you and Aaron are welcome here and you do not have to keep your relationship a secret.  We all have our secrets and our interests. Unless it’s blatantly illegal, like kids or animals; I don’t really care what people do so long as all involved are consenting adults.”

“Thank you, sir. I appreciate that sir.” Andy said with a smile and obvious relief.

“Now boy, you should get your work done or Aaron is going to have to discipline you.  If he doesn’t, I will.”

Andy paused for a moment then pushed the bin off the counter with a knowing smirk, “He’ll not know.”

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