Tales of The Cabin – Part 13

I woke up and realized that the sun was up. It didn’t matter as all I could do was think about puking. I’d not been this hung over since college. I thought about getting up to stumble to the bathroom.

I stopped, frozen in the realization that there was an arm over me from behind and someone in front of me as well. I blinked my eyes a few more times then lifted my head up as far as I could. I could make out a muscular red-furred arm across me and a red-haired farm boy in front of me.

I didn’t. Oh god, I didn’t sleep with the Larson brothers. No! No! No! They must have had too much, like I did, and I offered them my place to crash.

My mind slowly started to piece the situation and I realized that I was still dressed and the guy in front of me was as well. I twisted around enough to see a shirt on the guy behind me.

Okay, this isn’t as bad as I though it was.

I still had to take a piss but the thought of laying there between the two farm boys was too much. I was just about to lay back down when the arm that was over me pulled me back down to the bed. My head landed on the pillow and I felt warm breath on my neck, followed by the rubbing of light scruff on the base of my neck.

Fighting down the erection that threatened push hard into the guy in front of me, I was torn between the euphoria from behind and the terror that this would not end well. I had just about let my guard enough to fall back to sleep. Just as I fell myself ‘fall’ asleep, I felt the slow rhythmic grind of a sizable erection pressing into the small of my back. My eyes flew open wide but I didn’t move.

“Brady. Stop molesting Mr. Ramhart, you stupid drunk fuck.” Jackson said from in front of me.

The grinding didn’t stop, rather it got more intense. Jackson got up and walked around the bed, then unceremoniously pulled Brady of the bed. Brady hit the floor with a thud, causing me to turn over and make sure he was okay.

Jackson looked down at him with derision, “Brady, you really need to learn to control yourself. It’s different when you do that to me but not strangers!” Jackson punctuated his point by driving his foot firmly into Brady’s balls.

I watched this and couldn’t help but think, it’s a good thing he’s not wearing boots!

Brady was now fully awake and groaning from the foot in his balls. Jackson looked at me, winked and then announced he was going to make coffee.

Perfect timing! I thought as a got up and finally took the piss I’d been holding since I woke up.  I took the time to take a shower and try to clear the headache. I had a couple of glasses of water and washed down a couple of aspirin.

I put on a robe, only because of the interaction with Brady this morning and started making my way to the kitchen.

Getting close to the kitchen, I could hear Brady and Jackson having a heated discussion.

 “Brady, you’re gonna get us FIRED. Don’t you understand that?”

 “Jackson, I didn’t mean to do it. I was sleeping.”

 “I know bro, but…we don’t know about Mr. Ramhart. He’s mostly likely straight and waking up to some guy dry humping him…you’re lucky he didn’t kick us out of his house right then.”

They continued on like this for a couple of minutes before I walked in the room.

As I walked in, I asked Jackson for some privacy so I could speak with Brady. I didn’t think a redhead could get any paler, but Jackson was snow white and looked like he was going to pass out.

I tossed him the TV remote and pointed him towards the living room.

Once I was heard the TV and surround sound turn on, I told Brady to grab his coffee and have a seat at the table. I poured myself a cup of coffee and sat down across from Brady.

“Brady…” was all I could say before I was interrupted.

“Mr. Ramhart, I am so sorry. I was asleep and having a dream. I didn’t mean anything by it, I swear! It’s not like I like you like that, well, I do, but it’s just…” Brady trailed off from a rapid fire stream of consciousness to terrified silence in less than five words.

“Brady, it’s okay if you like me like that. I’m bi, mostly interested in men, but I’m bi. It sounds like you and Jackson have an interesting arrangement.” I prodded gently to see what he would say.

“We do. We have to share a bedroom, so we just decided we’d share a bigger bed instead of having two small beds in the room. Sometimes, when I’m sleeping, I wind up spooning Jax and grinding against him like I do with you. He doesn’t like it as he’s straight but he also knows that I wouldn’t actually do anything with him being brothers and all.”

I smiled, “It’s all good Brady. As for Jackson’s worry about me firing you, that won’t happen from this. In fact, we’re going to treat this whole thing like it didn’t happen. Except for one thing Brady.” I paused for dramatic effect and I could see Brady tense up.

“Does Jackson know about your feelings for me?” I asked.

“No sir.” Brady meekly whispered.

“Well, if you are going to bark up my tree and try to get somewhere, he should know. It will not affect your employment here.”

“Hey Jackson,” I shouted, “Join us in here.”

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