Tales of the Cabin – Part 14

Brady and Jackson were out doing their chores, mainly clearing the 11″ of snow that dumped on the area. The polar vortex had broken and temperatures had warmed into the 20s.

The boys hadn’t mentioned anything with the possible relationship between Brady and I, but I could tell it was causing friction between them. I didn’t want to get involved between them but I found myself slowly falling for Brady. I couldn’t bear it if I drove them apart. Was Jackson jealous? Worried about their jobs?

“I already told them it wouldn’t affect their employment.” I muttered out loud.

Brady was a great kid. I use kid loosely. At 22 with a B.S. in Agribusiness from North Dakota State and a head for business, Brady was already working with Aaron on our supply logistics and working some of the family farm supplies into our system to help with volume and pricing.

On the romantic front, I was forcing Brady to take it slow. He’d dated some in college but I wasn’t wanting to rush into anything. My 50th birthday was rapidly approaching and that was weighing on my mind whenever I thought about a relationship with Brady.

There’s 28 years difference here…. Are you a cradle robber? Chicken hawk? –No! He made the approach to you. Let go of your fears and live life. I’d been having this argument for several weeks in my head. I’d not let Brady in on any of the battles yet. Tonight. We’re having dinner and you need to bring it up with Brady.

Brady and I were supposed to have dinner tonight but Brady had canceled this morning. I didn’t think anything of it given the storm we’d just had, the farm would need the help. Mr. Larson was in good health but he was in his mid 60s. The twins were a late surprise for the Larson family. He was starting to slow down and was relying on the twins to keep the farm running. Brady and Jackson had taken over the farm in reality. Brady was the brains of the operation managing supplies and making sure the farm was running at a profit or at least trending to breaking even. Jackson was the brawn. While in the face, they were definitely twins, in physique they were not. Brady was the stereotypical farmboy build. Plenty of muscle but a layer of fat laid over it. He could have easily played football in high school and college but instead had chosen shotput. Jackson was a couple of inches shorter but had a slender build. What his slender body hid was an intensely strong, wiry build.

During the summer, Jackson was often shirtless, in just his jeans and boots. You could see all of the muscles in his torso move and flex as he worked. With his charming smile, outgoing personality, and lean build, he had his choice of girls from around the county.

Brady, on the other hand, was quiet and more withdrawn. An imposing figure even in high school, he’s never developed the “fan club” that most student athletes seemed to have. He’d hit his growth spurt early and intensely. Between his freshman and sophomore year of high school, he’d stayed home and spent the summer working on the farm and starting to work out with Jackson in one of the barns. It was like a growth chamber as Brady had gone into the summer at 5’7” and 150 pounds and came out at 6’2” and 260 pounds. He was far less likely to take off his trademark long sleeve blue work shirt and jeans even in the hottest of weather.

Looking back now, I guess I should have suspected something. The boys why do I keep calling them boys? They are strapping young men! had been hired in early June when they had returned after graduating from NDSU. Jackson had his shirt off, taking a edger and cutting through the deep sod layer as they landscaped. Brady was following behind him with a shovel, removing the sod layer that Jackson had loosened. Brady’s shirt was plastered to him as he worked and even with his stocky build, you could see the raw power of the muscles underneath.

It had been a long time since I’d had an erotic thought about anyone. It wasn’t that I did want it but more of a state of mind that I’d never find anyone who would want me and a social anxiety about being out. Setting up the colony should have loosened up my anxiety but seemed to have made it worse. Everyone in the colony knew I was gay and no one cared. Even Jackson and Brady knew from the time they were hired. Aaron made it clear that I was gay and that there were gay couples that lived here and sexuality was open.

Watching Brady work, I was shocked when I realized that for the first time in years, there was spontaneous turgidity in my shorts. I grabbed a tall glass of iced tea and went back to sit on the porch watching the boys work.

It wasn’t so much that I was watching them, they were just part of the scene in the view from my front porch. I sent a quick text to Aaron to suggest having him check on the new hires and to bring them some water. I quickly added that maybe he should suggest Brady take his shirt off.

Aaron came out of the warehouse with a 2 1/2 gallon jug of water and a couple of plastic cups. He chatted with the boys and had a brief word with Brady. I knew Aaron had told him what I’d said when Brady looked around. Making eye contact with me, he turned and slowly took off his shirt with his back to me. Brady went back to work, this time facing me, and from time to time would look up and make eye contact.

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