Hijacking my own blog…

I don’t get a lot of feedback regarding what I have written and I don’t let that concern me.

However, my posts may be more sporadic in the next couple of months (or even longer).

As most of you, my readers, know, I am in a long-term battle with Multiple Sclerosis. Unfortunately, even though I have a mild case of Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis (RRMS), I am still 15 plus years into the progression.  I can no longer ignore the constant pins and needles on the left side of my body, the memory gaps, and the coordination issues that have been slowly becoming more pronounced as the disease progresses.

I was hospitalized last weekend after an extended “on automatic” where I wasn’t aware of having driving about 10 mi/16 km and then having a brief loss of consciousness. A battery of testing showed no signs of bleeding on the brain but also no active MS activity. However, the sheer amount of time that I was battling but not being treated has caught up with me.

To sum up the details of the weekend, I am now to walk with a cane at all times. It was “suggested” that I considering giving up my driver’s license as well.

Right now, between the physical issues and the crushing mental anguish of this happening, I’m in no place to write. Hell, I’m barely living at this point. I am going through the motions of what I have to do, but there’s no joy, no tedium, it’s just doing it.

As much as I don’t want to do it, I’m going to have to figure out what my options are related to work. I am hoping I can take a sabbatical from work, even if it’s only a couple of weeks so that I can get some intense mental help as I’m dangerously close to losing it.

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