Back in the comfy chair!

Sorry about the unexplained gaps in posting new content.

I’m an author but first and foremost, I am human and have a chronic debilitating disease that is often invisible.  I have secondary progressive multiple sclerosis.

The last couple of years have been really difficult for me and with a having had a high stress job.

I’m currently applying for disability as I can’t work a set schedule due to random attacks of the MS, chronic fatigue, and a mind that occasionally just “hiccups” and forgets what it is doing.

To that end, I’m in Minnesota where winter is a brutal season. So, I’m making the most of the time by doing some house cleaning (as I can), getting back onto my religious path (and calling), but also taking time to start writing again.  Not just random “write here…write there” but actually setting things up so that I cam writing more consistently.  Part of that is I’m working on cleaning up a couple of my flash series to get them into a complete short story/book format.

I’ll admit it, I’m excited but also terrified of putting my works into (e-)book form and letting others read what I’ve done.  Am I a good writer?  Could I be great?  Or is what I do just therapy for me and I let others peek into it?

Enough rambling!

Executive summary: My health is much improved and I will be writing more as well as looking to start publishing some of my works.


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