Title Forthcoming – Part 1

Wednesday Briefs Header

It was a dark and stormy night…

A sausage-fingered fist slammed down on the typewriter.

“By the Gods, that’s no way to start a story. It’s beyond cliché. As he sat staring at the blank with the lone sentence staring back at him, mocking him with its triteness.

He sat deep in thought, while beating himself up, it wasn’t until he swept his arms wide and sent his coffee cup flying across his office that he realized that this wasn’t going to be a good day to write.

— You aren’t on a deadline, relax and just let the story come to you while you work on character development.

Later that evening, he forced himself to attend the church gathering that had been planned for months.  He really wasn’t feeling it but felt obligated. He’s joined his local Wiccan church somewhat from his beliefs but mostly for the social interaction. Two coven members had been recently diagnosed with serious illnesses with one on potent immunosuppressors and the other was undergoing chemotherapy.

The regional economy was already hurting member’s abilities to donate to the coven and then the two sick members had pulled even more donations away from the coven and to the affected members.

Pulling up to the site where the coven held its rituals, no one was waiting and the gates were closed.  

Odd, I’m running late and yet there’s no one here? he thought to himself.

As he sat in his idling car, he thought he saw someone or something move through the gate and then the padlock was open and the gates swung open to allow him in.  It took a while to finally to put the car in gear and drive through the gates.  He pulled through and stopped, then got out and walked over to the gate.

Nooooo….do not worry about the gates. They are only manifestations to keep the uninitiated out.  While you are uninitiated, we know you and allowed you in.

Now thoroughly shaken, he got back in the car and drove back to the site where the ritual was to be held.  Approaching the fire site, he saw most of the coven regulars milling about getting the ritual set up and ready to be performed.  He parked and walked up to the fire ring.  As he approached, he saw various people look at him then whisper among themselves. He found himself worrying that he had missed an e-mail or he had been accidentally included on an invite list but wasn’t meant to be there.

Unaware of it, he was surrounded by a deep blue aura that seemed to absorb the light around him and replace with a rippling light green emanation. The effect left him looking like he was surrounded by water.  It wasn’t until the high priestess turned, saw him, and immediately blanched white while grabbing the high priest who had the same reaction.

What is going on here? Why is everyone freaking out when they see me?  What happened out by the gates? There is just too much going on all of a sudden. Oh, here come the high priest and priestess, hopefully they have some answers.

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