Title Forthcoming – Part 2

Wednesday Briefs Header

The mysterious aura hadn’t faded but the ritual had gotten underway keeping his mind from trying to figure out exactly what the hell was going on.

Suddenly, he felt light headed…and the world around him started to fade into browns then grays.  Before he could fully comprehend all that was happening, he felt like he was flowing upwards and outwards at the same time.

It felt as if he was flowing towards the rivers like water but also flowing like wind in all directions at once.

While his mind was in the middle of the biggest panic attack you can imagine, his soul was trying to calm him and assure him that his was, in fact, very normal.

As he had a mental battle involving the calming discussion of his soul and the panicked fear of his corporeal mind, he failed to realize that everything had gone black.

For quite a while (to his mind), everything was black and completely calm.  Just as suddenly, the blackness started to pulse with pale red, blue, and green light(?) — maybe it’s energy?  Either way, I’m seriously fucked up and this is a bad trip.

As the last of his thought echoed in the darkness, the surroundings turned from a pulsing light show to a small comfortable looking room with neutral colors, two comfortable looking George II Wing chairs and a small table loaded with a charcuterie spread, crudités, and some crackers and breads for the charcuterie.

— It’s as if I’m about to be interviewed for a job or a swanky TV talk show.

He realized that he was standing on the floor — is it? Where the hell am I? and thought he should take a seat to avoid to seem too uppity to the host.

He was right in that he was about to be interviewed for a TV show of sorts.  He was in a dimension where clair was normal and interviews such as this looked like any other but with no cameras or microphones. People would “tune in” to the studio and watch the interview live.

As he sat staring at the food laid out, he heard a voice peacefully telling him he should eat if he is hungry. A liquor cart rolled in beside the table but appeared to just materialize from nothing and rolled in of its own volition.

It seemed like an hour had passed.  Stuffed and slightly drunk from the liquor cart, he was starting to get edgy and nervous.  It was a few more minutes until he heard the sound of people approaching.

Two men and a woman faded in and approached much like the liquor cart. They were quite attractive and was calming to him.  The young lady came and sat down while the two men quickly refilled the hors d’ouevres, restocked the liquor cart, and asked if there was anything else he would like while he was a guest.

— A guest?  Where am I?  Who are these people?  I just want to…

“Welcome Kelly Sutcliffe, you are our guest on Deify or Nullify!”



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